I can not attend the exam, my inlaw passed away

I did send you an  aplication form for Celban examination  for month of September
But unfortunatly i couldnt attent  the exam   because my inlaw passed away i went back to back home

Could you  please cancel my application. Thank you for your consideration.  Thank you. S.

Dear S,

I hope you are enjoying yourself, back home with family. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I hope all goes well.

At the same time I would like to inform you of two things:

  1. if you have registered for an exam and do not attend, you loose one of your three chances to take the CELBAN. It is very important to keep as many chances as possible. To learn more read my MUST READ post at Dear Kim.
  2. the only way you can change your exam date is by paying a fee. At this time I believe it is $75. They will reschedule the exam for you, and it may or may not be at a more convenient time.

One last note, based on your grammar and spelling in your e-mail I would recommend spending more time working on writing and English grammar. It will bring you greater success, and save you money in the end.

I hope this helps!

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