I care

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I saw this PSA on the Doctors TV show. Today I logged in to give feedback for CELBANPrep Writing. I read,

“I have lost my self worth, I have nowhere to go.” I read that post from a social networking site. It came from one of my colleagues back home.
Immediately I thought of the video I had seen. One of the college students who created it said, “we all come to the point in our lives where we just want to give up.” I know that this happens often and frequently for many people, and that the challenges immigrants face in coming to Canada are great.
Giving up to one person may be giving up on a dream, for another person it can mean deciding to go back home. For this person, it meant more.

When I told my daughter about this video, she told me a story about a boy who noticed another boy carrying lots of things. He offered to help, and invited him over to play video games. They became fast friends. Years later, the two were still friends. One day one of the boys asked, “Do you know why I had so much stuff?” The friendly boy, now a man, shook his head. “I had enough of my mother’s sleeping pills, and I was cleaning out my locker.”

Simple acts of kindness really do make a difference. We all need to hear, “I care.” Please take a moment to tell your friends and family that you care. It may be the most significant thing you can do.


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