CELBAN Exam Dates and Locations

i m planning to write exam in dec2011.is there exam centre in toronto?i will come on vising visa to write exam and come back. Β exam for 1 day or more? M.

Dear M,

There are testing centres across the nation. The dates and locations are on the official CELBAN website.

It looks like Richmond is the only location in Ontario and that they do not have one in December:

  • Calgary and Edmonton are in Alberta,
  • Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan,
  • Richmond and Surrey, in BC,
  • and Winnipeg Manitoba).

Looks like the only one in December is Surrey BC. You may have to register early, some places seats fill quickly! Also note, check out the Must Read posts on Dear Kim that explain the consequences of taking the exam too early.

As for how many days, it depends on the testing centre: some have the group and speaking on one day, others have them on different days.


4 responses to “CELBAN Exam Dates and Locations

  1. Hi kim I need celban date in regina but its keep saying TBA what that means.

    • Dear Raman,
      That is a great question. TBA means “To Be Announced”. When it comes to the CELBAN in Regina means that they do not have dates determined, perhaps from not having enough trained personnel.
      In speaking with others, I have heard that people have been waiting for dates in Regina for a long time. It may be best to consider taking the CELBAN at another testing center. But before you apply, please read the tag WARNING on Dear Kim. It is important to consider some things before you decide whether you are ready to take the exam.

  2. Dear Kim,

    Do you offer review class for speaking?this is the only part of CELBAN exam that I haven’t met the required points. Need to pass ASAP. If you have, how much it cost?

    Hoping to hear from you. Thank you!


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