I can not access Kindle editions

Do you have any edition except the kindle? because I cannot access it.. I really need it. M.

Dear M,

Thank for your e-mail.Β  I have had many people with the same question, so I have made some changes. If you go to any of the websites (www.celban.info, http://celbanprep.blogspot.com/) you will see that the:

Kindle resources are accessible on most hand held devices:

  • ipad,
  • iphone,
  • Android,
  • Blackberry
  • Windows 7,
  • Mac and
  • PC.

Please see more information on how to get your app at http://celbanreading.blogspot.com/ and how to make a purchase at http://celbanreading.blogspot.com/p/kindle-and-amazon-how-to.html

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