♥ Thanks to getting feedback and encouragement from you, I feel confident now…

J. subscribed to CELBANPrep Writing. In concluding her 8 weeks she asked, “By the way, I was wondering until when I can get feedback from you regarding writing.” After assuring her that I would continue working with her I asked,

“Out of curiosity, can you tell me what kind of improvements you have seen in yourself and what you have learned that makes you want to continue?”

She replied,

Thanks a lot!! I really appreciate that.

Well, I actually studied IELTS and took the exam over 1 year ago. At that time, I studied really hard to get the score CARNA requires and fortunately I passed the exam.

By the way, you know what? After that I almost forgot how to write or organize my thoughts in English as I hadn’t studied for English; it is very easy to forget a foreign language for almost everyone if they don’t continue to employ that language. Also, there was no reason for me to study English for the exam. However, CARNA requires me to take CELBAN again as they thought my English is not enough for hospital settings after the SEC assessment.

Even though I’ve been living here in English-speaking country for about a year, I don’t get much chance to improve my English in terms of academic purposes or that sort of things.

In fact, I am able to live my life with simple English. That’s enough. People don’t judge my English, do they? They could think of my English without giving a word. Anyway,  If they understand me and I understand what they say, that’s fine.

What I wanna tell you is that studying for CELBAN has been helped me a lot, when it comes to organising my thoughts, and it is like recalling what I knew about English but forgot for a period of time. It helps me to recall my English and let me study harder to be more confident in English. I just realised that there are tons of things to study as English is not my mother tongue and I’m getting interested in English again these days by studying this. Sometimes I feel tired of exams though.

I can feel and see my writing is getting better; I remember how I wrote my first assessment report.

Thanks to getting feedback and encouragement from you, I feel confident now and I’m sure I will be confident in the real exam.

Getting help to correct what is wrong motivates me study harder and harder; if there is just lessons on-line without any contact or feed back, I wouldn’t study that much.

That’s my story in short. hee hee.

Thanks again. J.

Posted with permission.

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