♥ What wise people know about the CELBAN

hi! I am an Internationally educated nurse from Philiippines. Ive been staying here for almost 3months with my family. I have taken the English Benchmark and my score are as follows: reading 7,writing 7,listening 7 speaking 6.I have never tried IELTS or CELBAN yet. Probably after undergoing intensive review for CELBAN, Then that’s the time I would be taking the exam.


Dear R,

Not only are you a smart woman, you are very wise! Often I get e-mails from people who have just landed, who want to take the exam as soon as they can: like within one month! This often results in greater disappointment than expected, and a bigger consequence than imagined.

People can only take the CELBAN 3 times, which does not mean much at the beginning of the process. Some people take the exam the first time, without support, and do not pass. Seeing the need for support, they subscribe to CELBANPrep and get help. Those that do assignments do well, and have one more chance at taking the CELBAN. Those that do not do the assignments fail once more. Taking things more seriously they sign up for CELBANPrep once more, this time with dedication. They pass on this final attempt, but have no more opportunities.

Fast forward two years.

Two years later, the English exam scores expire. IENs are required to submit new test scores. The people that passed the exam, and still have one more chance to take the exam are breathing easy. They are calm and confident. Wise people, knowing the value of CELBANPrep, take a refresher course before they take the exam to ensure that they are fully prepared. Those that took three times to pass the CELBAN have no more chances and are required to take the Academic version of the IELTS, which is more difficult than the regular IELTS required for immigration. They experience great stress, pressure and fear: concerned that they may not be able to become a nurse in Canada.

So yes, “after undergoing intensive review for CELBAN … that’s the time [for] taking the exam”!

That is how you avoid falling into the CELBAN Trap!

I hope the free guide gives you an idea of what to expect from the CELBAN and you consider CELBANPrep to help you with your intensive review!


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