1G I really need material for CELBAN writing and reading

Hi Kim,
Sorry to bother you.well i wrote my exam i passed for speaking and listening.So i have to go for only group section.How you are going to help me to pass this exam ?How can i get the meterial?I really need help for writing they said my writing in incident report wasnt good.

Dear B,

You will probably have to write the whole exam again, as writing, reading and listening are a group exam. In some places, including Alberta as of July 1, you have to take them all and pass them all at the same time, so it is good to practice. For writing, because you signed up for How to Prepare for the CELBAN: Study Guide and Practice Exams,  you will receive a study guide in a few days. It will give you lots of information. Does this help?Kim
I really need some meterial which will help me for writing and reading.thanks

Dear ,That is fine, I just needed you to know that it is important to prepare for all of the parts of the exam. People have been known to pass one section with the first time they write, then fail that part the second time. Each time you enter the CELBAN exam situation it is important to make sure that you have prepare for all of the sections, not just your weaknesses.

Through the How to Prepare for the CELBAN, you have been granted access to study guides for writing and speaking, and practice exams for reading and listening. You will have learned that study guides and additional practice exams are available for listening and reading. Additional support in the form of courses is available for speaking (4 weeks) and writing (8 weeks). Simply click on reading and writing below for more information about resources available for each of the sections, as well as information on how to purchase guides and exams or subscribe to courses.


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