What is an interim permit?

Dear ,what is interim permit?
Thanks. Z.

Dear Z,

Good Question! An interim permit may be different for each province. In Alberta there are two temporary licenses for people who are not yet registered as a nurse, that allow a person to practice with restrictions and supervision. They are only given to people who have reached certain requirements of the provincial college of nurses.

For example: for an IEN to practice as a Graduate Nurse, she or he must have completed all of the previous steps (English, Documentation, SEC, Upgrading/Refresher courses). To gain access and experience to become a nurse, she or he must complete a certain number of hours in a Canadian hospital. A temporary license is issued so that they can practice, under supervision.

Another permit was create a few years ago, for Internationally Educated Nurses, in Alberta. (I do not know enough about the processes in other provinces to comment on other provinces.) It was created for IENs who have begun the licensure process that have been identified by the College of Nurses to have exemplary experience and education. (This is after the English and Documentation stages.) These people can be given an interim permit.

When announced it was received with hope, but none of the IENs I knew qualified. I do not know what the qualifications are, but that they are very high and the issuing of such a permit is limited.


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