♥ This decision was hard to make…

Dear Kim,

Thank you very much for your help. Yes, being a new Immigrant was not easy for us, especially we don’t have any relatives here to assist and guide us on our journey. I am very grateful that most of the people here are very warming and helpful (like you). I am experiencing that what you called homesick.  I already have my Hospital Experience for 5 months but not as a Staff Nurse. In the Philippines many nurses have no jobs because most of the hospitals do not want to hire nurses even they have shortage of staff. I become a Volunteer Nurse because I passed the exams they have given me an I don’t pay anything. It’s very sad because nurses need to pay in order to have hospital experiences. You serve patients in the hospital not being paid, instead you will pay the hospital to serve the patients.

I am currently working in a fast food chain here as food counter attendant in order to save some money so that I can purchase your exam prep. First I find it very hard because being a nurse is different from a fast food crew. I am planning to have part time job and review thru online. Today, I am deciding to quit because of my co workers. This decision was so hard to make. I want to help my family in our expenses. The cost of living here is expensive including the tax and we are just renting in an apartment. My mom is a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines and sadly most of her credentials are not credited but there are certain programs for immigrants that assist her like Skills Connect that will help her in bridging program. There are many job opportunities for my mom but it’s hard to have one because she need to make more studies. Like what my mom said, I’m still young I have lots of opportunities so why don’t challenge the exam now.

I will be still looking for part time jobs. We have friends here who will help us and I know with the help of God we can survive. I’m just afraid to take the English exams but with your help I am enlightened to take it.


Welcome R,

Before I begin, I want you to know, R, that I have been motivated to do what I am doing for people like you! Even though I had not met you, I have heard enough stories to know that you were out there, struggling to make a living and to adapt to life in Canada. Being without family is heartbreaking, but it is important to keep going, following our dreams because one day we can help them more than we can now. I thought of your family, all these people who depend on you, and look to you for hope. And I knew if I could help you in following your dreams, I would be helping them to live a better life. I know that in helping one I am helping many, so thank you for allowing me to do that: to live my dream.

I have learned many things about the Philippines, and my heart goes out to you. I did not know that people have to volunteer or pay to work. I know that happens in restaurants in California, but it is because the tips are so good. One person will offer 5% of their tips, another 6%, etc. (Maybe more I don’t remember the percent, but the principle is the same.) This makes it even harder than I realized.

What I do know is that many nurses who do not have a lot of hospital experience back home, tend to lean towards being a LPN here in Canada first, and then becoming an RN. The English requirements are lower and the amount of time to go through the process is shorter. That way many IENs increase their income to offset the cost of becoming an RN. With a better paying job, they tend to be happier than people who are working as Nursing Assistants. Either way the CELBAN is the gateway.

Have you accessed both of the FREE resources? And have you looked at the prices for the Reading or Listening Study Guides?  And CELBANPrep writing and speaking are on sale right now: the best you will see for a few months. But sales happen twice a month, so if you can not afford it now stay in touch with me to get new coupons.

Does this help?

About your mother, I am glad she is in a bridging program. They are very helpful. Yes there are many jobs in accounting. I know many immigrants with different backgrounds who enter a bridging program to become accountants. All have found jobs. (Some took more time than others.) At least your mother started in this field!

As for problems with staff, employers and coworkers I completely understand. One day I hope to have time to create resources. In the meant time I can tell you that these are important learning experiences. Learning to deal with conflict in a culturally accepted way is an important part of CELBAN speaking. They are looking for your communication skills, so this is a good topic to study and research by going to the library. Find books specific to nursing. Often books on nursing psychology books also have great communication chapters. Find out from your local library how you can borrow books from the universities and colleges in your area.

Rachel, you are right, and your mother is right. You are young, and have lots of time and experiences before you. You already have strengths few Canadians have, because of what you have experienced and endured. Trust in yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to grow in new and wonderful ways. Learn how to stand up for yourself, in strength and beauty. From your letter I can tell you have both a beautiful heart and spirit, and that is why we need you in Canada. If you could live through what you have and have such a bright light others have much to learn from you.

Take heart. Have courage. Take one step at a time. Before you know it you will get to your destination, and all the pain and longing for home will fade away.


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