Money makes the world go round

Dear Kim,
I am a registered nurse. I have had my fair share of hospital exposure. I am currently working out on the documents required. I already took the IELTS exam long before, however, it is due to expire this september. Thus, I am planning to take CELBAN. Money indeed makes the world go round at some point. I have come to browse the internet for CELBAN preparation course and the cost is just way too expensive for me. I only work permanent part time in a nursing home on a morning shift basis. When I scanned your website, I felt delighted reading all the positive feedback and blogs. I was even more encouraged when I saw that you offer some free resources. However, I felt like I really need to do some extra tutorial. CELBAN is something new for me. I am planning to take the exam this september. The required score for Listening is just way too high and it scares me a bit. I am writing to you in high hopes that you could give me some options regarding an online review or more resources with respect to the 4 language proficiency criteria with special regard to listening. I cannot afford the 749 package, I wish I can though. I am more than sure it would be a great deal. Thank you Kim and more power.

Dear J,

It was a delight reading your e-mail! I understand about the changes where you decided to go from an RN to an LPN. Many people choose this path, but know if you ever want to go back I know many people who become LPNs first, with the goal of being an RN in the future. Don’t worry, we need both!

I was pleased that checking out the sites, resources, blogs and feedback that your confidence increased. And yes, the prices of courses are high. The price for CELBANPrep was lower, at $750, based on a course offered through a university or college. But having worked with IENs I knew it was still too high, so I created sales twice a month. But I knew that these prices were out of range for people still living in other coutries. I believe the path of becoming a nurse is easier if IENs can improve their English while still at home, but I can not expect any one there to pay Canadian prices. So with CELBANPrep 4.0 you will see many changes, not only with the FREE How to Prepare for the CELBAN but also study guides and practice exams for less than $5.00 USD! And I will be having a sale for speaking and reading starting July 15.

So, although we have not met, I was thinking of you when I created CELBANPrep 4.0. You and all the other wonderful courageous people who have come to Canada to take care of our sick and elderly; you who are willing to be there when our babies are born, and when our parents or children die; you who have given up so much to be part of our nation, yet are getting paid so little. I was thinking of you and your family, and so many others I have yet to meet.

Money does make the world go round, but love is more powerful. It is the love and kindess that I have received from all the beautiful people I have met in teaching CELBANPrep that has motivated me to create what I have, as I have. If the Euro was able to bring all those nations together under one currency, maybe by providing study guides and practice exams at a lower cost I can do the same: making them accessible around the world regardless of condition. (I know this is still a sacrifice for some, but it is an investment with hope and promise.)

As for the resources, with the How to Prepare for the CELBAN Study Guide and Practice Exams you will learn more about them in the next coming days. With your scores all you need is to know what to expect of the CELBAN and a few practice exams. Writing a few reports and practicing the speaking tasks will also be helpful. The links to resources provided will help you to practice listening in a nursing/medical context so that you will be confident when you take the exam.

I hope this helps!

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