Should I be an LPN or RN?

Hello madam, how are you, hope of everything fine. here i have one question that one of my friend suggested me to go for LPN as in my province lpn is on more demands and its faster to come on track and i can go for RN later on and by telling all these, she put me on dual situation what you think , in this regard. i know yours views will have more value to me
I am waiting to hear from you. Thanks. S.

Dear S,Thank you for your message! It is great to hear from you. Whether you choose to do the RN or LPN taking the CELBAN is relevant to both .

I do know a few things:
  1. the process of becoming an LPN is faster than an RN.
  2. the required score for the CELBAN is lower.
  3. because you can become an LPN sooner, you get a pay increase sooner.
  4. many IENs become LPNs with hopes to become an RN at a later date, often doing both processes at the same time.
  5. The colleges of LPNs is a different organization from the colleges of RNs. Do a search engine search using the terms “college of LPN” and the province you are interested in.
  6. Although it is an easier path, some IENs are not satisfied in this position especially of they were involved in the front lines of emergency, working in the OR, or working in a management/leadership position.
Whatever you do, it is important to do research!Kim

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