♥ Life and Labour

>Dear kim
Thank you a million .I am full of confidence to pass the CRNE as i past the NCLEX. Although there is some difference between them ,i still thought i can make it .I have been working over 10 years as a registered nurse .i used to work in pediatric department for 8 years. i know the process of RN. firstly,i need to meet the requirements, then i could apply for the assessment. that might cost 1 year or more to complete. then i need to pass the SEC, finally, i could write to CRNE. anyway ,take care !

Dear A.

You are so hopeful! I am glad you are so well informed. It will make this journey easier for you if you are prepared.

You are a very accomplished nurse! I have met many accomplished professionals from around the world. Coming to Canada can be very disheartening, not being able to do what one loves to do, what one is good at, for years. But then, when they finally make it, and get their licence there is so much joy. It is like a woman going through labour. The pain and discomfort can be great. She may be sick for all 3 trimesters. She may be bed ridden. She may have back labour. The baby may be breach. But once the baby is born, all of the pain fades away replaced by more joy and happpiness, wonder and awe than can be imagined. Somehow some women experience this again and again: forgetting the pain and remembering the joy. Becoming a licensed professional in Canada is the same. And in this situation I am here as a midwife, assisting you in the process encouraging you along the way.


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