Teaching Canadian Culture

How are you doing! Hope of everything good for you. I received your mail and by reading i came to know that you are helping to achieve the ultimate goal. but i want to know how you are going to teach the canadian culture .
Yours Sincerly, S.

Dear S.

How do I teach the Canadian Culture? This applies mostly to speaking, and a little to writing and reading.

When it comes to writing CELBANPrep proivides clear instructions and resources about Canadian expectations for Medical Documentation, in particular those elements that have arisen out of Canadian Law.

When it comes to speaking, the exam is embeded with the Canadian culture when it comes to the role of a nurse in communicating with patients. Taking CELBANPrep Speaking will begin the process of developing these skills so that by the time you are a nurse, you have integrated some of the fundamental communication skills required of a Canadian nurse.

When it comes to reading, articles have been chosen for the Reading Comprehension tasks that are important for IENs to learn. There are certain weaknesses IENs have when taking the CRNE. Often these are questions about communication or the influences of the Canadian culture. If an IEN starts researching these topics ealy, by the time she/he takes the CRNE she/he will be very well prepared, thus increasing her/his chances at passing the exam. With this in mind, the articles chosen for reading are instrumental in teaching the Canadian culture.

Thank you for your excellent question.
Hope this helps!

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