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♦ My major problem is to work on computer… to study on-line [with CELBANPrep]

Dear Kim,

My major problem is to work on computer.I am not too good to operate it.
Moreover i am not much comfortable to study on-line.That is why i am not buying even the cheap material provided by you.Is there any solution with you to solve my this problem.
Best Regards,

♦ If they can do it [take an online CELBAN Prep class], so can I!

Dear Kim,
Hi! Sorry if it took me long to reply. Actually, I was debating with myself
If I can do this online/self-review thing. Because I am used to
the traditional kind of review wherein you go to a class and stuff
like that. But upon reading the messages on your blogs, if they can
do it, so can I.
And What can you suggest for me to avail first?
I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking
and writing.
Thanks for your reply!

♦ I haven’t taken any English exams [IELTS or CELBAN] because I was scared of failing…

Dear Kim,
I’m good today. Not so nice here in Winnipeg as it rains all day. Originally, I’m from Philippines. I was sponsored by my wife and got my visa last march. I’ve arrived and been here in Canada for 10 months now and stayed in my sister-in-law’s  house before moving out to our condo. I had my CLB score last August and it didn’t come out good. I had 6 in speaking, reading and writing while I had 8 in reading. I haven’t taken any English exams beacuse I was scared of failing an attempt in taking an exam… Thanks in advance for free study guide and practice exams.

Is it easier to practice [CELBAN] online because i never studied online before?

Dear kim, can you please tell me how much is your fee to prepare celban for 1 month and also tell me is it easier to practice online because i never studied online before so i m confuse that what should i do .   thanks kim. baljit

This question reposted from a comment on another post: What can you recommend as the best bundle for CELBAN that I can purchase?

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♦ Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your persistence in making sure I pass my exam or even get registered with CELBAN. I truly appreciate you.
Kim, I do not want to write any exam and will not get the cut off points, keep writing until frustrated out of it. What can I do to get my points at once is the issue here. Since I entered the country, I have heard of many people’s failure rate and success which is more scaring. Can you be off help here. I’ve never failed an exam and don’t want to fail this.
Thank you for replying me as usual.

Yours sincerely,

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♥ You made my dream come true…

Dear Kim,

It’s been awhile since I talk to you and I’m so sorry for that. I went for vacation for a month but it doesn’t mean that I forgot you.  You made my dream come true.  You know Kim,celbanprep  is the only reason why I got my license and permit to practice.  I tried ielts. So many times and wasted so much money but with no success. My celbanprep subscriptions (listening, reading,speaking and speaking) is the right and the best division I ever made.  You are such a blessings to us.  I already recommended  you to all my friends.  By the way, I have a good news, CARNA accepted my registration in Quebec. They require me to submit an active registration from other province and my employers reference with a minimum of 1250 hours of practice as an RN. Then after that they told me that I am eligible to apply for registration and practice permit..  I am very happy and celbanprep is one of the reason for that success and also with prayers.  Right now I am preparing to apply online. Once again, thank you very much for your help, understanding and patience. God will bless you more for your kind heart….


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♥ Thank you for this chance of having a personal interaction with you

Dear Kim,

    Thank you for this chance of having a personal interaction with you. I think I overlooked this email of yours so I was not able to reply at once.  I am an international filipino nurse who migrated together with my son and husband who is a filipino nurse like I me. We came last year’s 24th of September so we are almost in our 1st anniversary as immigrants. Our entry was through Federal Skilled Worker so initially we  did not have any friends neither were relatives. We decided to migrate in Manitoba out of our Internet research on which city can we settle in with the least lifestyle expenses.  Based from our research during that time,  the first was Saskatchwen and Manitoba was next.
    As of the moment my husband and I have not yet made any moved in our nursing career. I already finished my health care aide challenge diploma and I graduated with honour just this June of this year but unfortunately I am not practicing.  My husband has a full time work everyday from 8am till 4pm and extend some more on his part time job until 11 in the evening. He also works 8am until 8 pm during weekend. As for me, I accompany our only child at his school and so I volunteer at his school for halfday everyday. My real compensated job as Personal Support worker is from Friday until Sunday 8PM until 8AM.
    The goal of pursuing my nursing profession here in Canada is a humongous challenge for me. To be honest I am not a person of high self confidence. As an only child in my family before I have my mom to push me and she was behind all my success. I graduated two professions in the Our country . She was so selfless that she even initiated this Canada migration of my own family for she believed that as nurses my husband and I will succeed more in Canada.This is my first time to be away from her and my dad too. Everyday I am hurting inside knowing that I left my aging parents behind. I am  also very much aware that becoming a Canadian nurse can help me to be able to reunite with them for such will suffice the finances needed.
    Miss Kim my CLB was flat 8 but as I have told you my self confidence is very low and I believe that CELBAN is much different from the CLB.The next open for CELBAN in winnipeg would be February of 2013.  Please help me and thank you very much.

♥ No matter how long it takes I will not give up.

When I came in Canada I felt so blessed and happy because I believed that my dreams are much more achievable here. One of my greatest dream is to become a registered nurse in Canada. But to become a registered nurse here, one of the challenge I will face off is to pass an English proficiency exam before the regulatory body assess my documents and get an opportunity to take a nursing board examination.

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♥ I am thinking I am very weak in English.

Dear Kim,

To read your comments , [about my assignment for my writing tutoring] I  am thinking I am very weak in English. Sorry, I am consuming a lot of your’s precious time.  Thankyou for your patience.   Here, I am ready to work from starting and want to learn as you want to teach me. I might frustrate you with silly mistakes so please forgive me for that. I will work on this assignment as long as you think: I should be here. Wish you a great day.


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♥ I’m not sure about what I want to do in the future

Hello Kim,
I’m from the Europe and I’m one year in Canada, because I have a work permit for one year.( until October 2012 )
In the Europe I’m a Regristred Nurse, but in Canada I have to do a lot of things before I can work in a hospital.
In November Last year I started with English at Global Village, I also passed the FCE exam; First Certificate in English.
On this moment I’m following a preperation course for IELTS, but this is sometimes difficult and mostly not medical related.
I saw on the list from CARNA with the required language that it is also possible to do the CELBAN test
What do you reccommend me to do, the IELTS or the CELBAN
Are there any classes which I can join or do you have more information about it ?
I don’t have a CLB score, but I will try tomorrow to do a on-line assessment.

I hope you have enough information about my

Thank you again

Greetings A

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