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♦ Disillusioned Dreamer: I dont know how to start, im so desperate, frustrated ,hopeless

Hi Kim!
Im so amazed with all the stories that i read in your blogs, that lead me to write you my story wondering maybe you can help me. T’was my dream to be a nurse when i was a kid!Luckily that. was year 2000,when I becme an RN in the Philippines.Due to financial struggles in our family,i went to Saudi Arabia to help my parents sending mu 4 other siblings to college and gaining experience too.That 7 years was so great for me as a nurse, especially i learned a lot. Then, I decided to come here in Canada under in a caregiver program year, that was 2007 .While i was in that program I took several times in ielts exam but failed.To make story short,I’ve been here now in Canada for almost 7 years and yet my road to become an RN here is still dim out and hoping you can be my light to pursue my dreams.I dont know how to start, im so desperate, frustrated ,hopeless especially i have a 2 year old baby boy now.But with all the stories from your previous studs my hopes reignited.
My last IELTs exam result 2 years ago,reading & listening 6.5 , writting 6 , speaking, 7
CLBPT result just recently:listening 8,Speaking 7,reading 8,writing 6
I did not try Celban exam but Im planning to try at this time.
Mr Kim, I really really need your help!Thank you M

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♦ I am hesitant to purchase any online resources or services [including CELBANPrep]

Dear Kim,
I am hesitant to purchase any online resources or services. However, I came to a point where I need to do something or else my SRNA application will be expired. I have tried IELTS many times and it reaches the verge of lowering my self-esteem. Now, I am opting to try CELBAN.
I have been receiving email updates from your site. .. I hope you can help me uplift my self worth.
Thanks so much!

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☼ I am here for you, but what I really want to know is: are you here for yourself?


Hello again! Its been months since i last communicated with you and i hope you still remember me. I also had my Celban Course Bundle subscription last year which had expired early this year. First of all, i want to  say thank you for all the support you have given me despite the fact that i was not able to become an active student that time. My first experience to take the CELBAN early this year still went smooth despite  my tremendous lack of self confidence and time ( as i described to you my condition before). Kim i got 8 for speaking, 10 for listening, 9 for reading…..BUT a very huge BUT only 6 for writing. The result was fine at first because i tried to console my self that i could just try LPN and not go for RN anymore for when i got my result that was the time that CLPN in our province were accepting applicants with some differences in the English assessment results. After 6 months CLPN approved me for CCA  but they still want me to update my English result. That was the time that my heart shattered because first, i tried to settle for less than what i dream to become; second was  that  the next available spot for CELBAN is March 2014 ; third, i din’t know anymore how to approach the writing  and lastly, i will have to be retested again for listening. Its just recently that i managed to forgive myself and forego of the wrong decisions that i made.  From this moment , my experience made me more matured in approaching my goal. I had learned another life lesson  and now i need  to apply it. Kim, with humility, please recommend to me any subscription for the writing and listening with discounts if possible or anything that you think would be able to help me. Thank you very much for reading my letter. S

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♦Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles.

Hi Kim,
Thank you again. You made the  right in decision in choosing Dia as one of your coach. And I wanted to say thank you also to her.
I failed in Celban before, but I said I’m going to try again. And when I enrolled in your class, I know I will be learning all that I needed to pass the exam. It was indeed an experience.
I didn’t meet you in person yet, just once during the webinar session but I will say it again, I know you know it already, and a lot of IEN’s have told you this, but you are such a very trust worthy person. Thank you for this kind of review that you have. This is the answer to our search for something that can help us to go to the very first step of attaining our goal in this country. Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles. This is just my first step, but I know I am going there.. It is still a long process but I will never give up.
When CELAS gave me a seat for the exam I grab it and  a week before, I go through all your e-mails in my inbox … I don’t know but I needed something where I can get more strength and I ask to HIM to please give it to me this time.
God bless your pure and kind heart Kim. More power to your staff. Please dont get tired but I know your job is not easy and you get tired too. I pray for you,.. More strength and healthy body and more dreams to be fulfilled in your life and your love ones. Kim, every knowledge or information that you share and teach is an enlightenment for me..
Thank you, thank you so much. I will keep in touch with you, by making sure that every IEN’s that I meet they must have to know you and your team.
You take care always and thank you so much Kim.

♦ My major problem is to work on computer… to study on-line [with CELBANPrep]

Dear Kim,

My major problem is to work on computer.I am not too good to operate it.
Moreover i am not much comfortable to study on-line.That is why i am not buying even the cheap material provided by you.Is there any solution with you to solve my this problem.
Best Regards,

♦ If they can do it [take an online CELBAN Prep class], so can I!

Dear Kim,
Hi! Sorry if it took me long to reply. Actually, I was debating with myself
If I can do this online/self-review thing. Because I am used to
the traditional kind of review wherein you go to a class and stuff
like that. But upon reading the messages on your blogs, if they can
do it, so can I.
And What can you suggest for me to avail first?
I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking
and writing.
Thanks for your reply!

♦ I haven’t taken any English exams [IELTS or CELBAN] because I was scared of failing…

Dear Kim,
I’m good today. Not so nice here in Winnipeg as it rains all day. Originally, I’m from Philippines. I was sponsored by my wife and got my visa last march. I’ve arrived and been here in Canada for 10 months now and stayed in my sister-in-law’s  house before moving out to our condo. I had my CLB score last August and it didn’t come out good. I had 6 in speaking, reading and writing while I had 8 in reading. I haven’t taken any English exams beacuse I was scared of failing an attempt in taking an exam… Thanks in advance for free study guide and practice exams.