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🌷 #3 Which Engish test: IELTS or CELBAN?

Updated 2023

Dear Miss Kim

…the only thing missing to complete my requirements is the english test. thats my priority now to take the english test, im scared coz my english is not good enough, especially my diction, i need to study and practice, i dont know which test will i take. thats my concern for now.  – H

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3G* CELBAN or IELTS: writing reviewer

Update in 2021


I want to purchase CELBAN Writing Task Specially Writing Task 1 can you send me the link form your website so that I can proceed.
Thanks, A

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Keepsake: W4 I already took my IELTS for 3x. I’m not so sure why I can’t reach the band score that I need.

Hi Kim,
I’m doing good right now. How are you?
I came from the Philippines. I’ve been here in Canada for 2.5 years. I already took my IELTS for 3x. I’m not so aure why I can’t reach the band score that I need. I feel so frustated about my English Exam. Somebody suggested to me to try CELBAN. I tried 1 version of self-assessment and I got band 9 for both listening and reading. Please help me to prepare for CELBAN. I really wanted to take all the lesson that you have. However, I can’t afford anyone of them because I only work for minimum wage. Thanks. J

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Keepsake: W4 I gave IELTS many times. I got … writing with 6.5. I need your help in preparing this [CELBAN] exam.

Hello Kim,
I am from India and have been in Canada from last 2 years… I gave IELTS many times. I got required bands in all except writing with 6.5 most of the times. I am so upset with this and do not know what can I do to solve this issue. Now I think I should try CELBAN. So, I need your help in preparing this exam. This is completely new to me.
Have a good day.

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Take CELBAN instead of IELTS. Because CELBAN is more on medical thing.

Hello Kim,
I’m doing fine since yesterday and curious about what’s CELBAN is all about. That’s why it’s a priveledge to know that you’re offering free about CELBAN  and I’m very thank you for that. Well come in here in Surrey it’s nice to hang out.
Talking about me, I’m from Philippines a nurse back home. I’ve been here in Canada for almost 2 years. And been living here in Surrey as my first stop.I took CLB and IELTS already when I was only 2 mos here  (Nov/ Dec 2012 ) and no preparation did that’s why I got a low score. In CLB my score was only  6 and my IELTS score only 5.5. That time I was pressured, in a hurry and don’t know what to do. And of course I’m still adopting the english language and culture here. When I got that low score, I put to my self to forget that exam and enjoy learning new things here in Canada. Now it’s already 2014 I think I am ready to face that challenge again because I’m prepared.  I do a lot self study about IELTS. Then I met a new friend who is a nurse back home too and already get her license here Canada. And advise me to take CELBAN instead of IELTS. Because CELBAN is more on medical thing. J

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♥ What’s the use…because people didn’t get their CELBAN dates from 5-6 months

Updated 2021

Dear Kim

What’s the use of [CELBANPrep] because people didn’t get their celban dates from 5-6 months so much waiting to get the exam date then no use of this celban . It’s not good in my view , i m so much upset about the system of this celban exam dates till August it’s full I want to give exam now but how? M

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📱My question is, “Is CELBAN a paper and pen type of exam?”

Updated 2023

Hello Kim,

I am so glad that I found your page discussing about CELBAN. Well I am so clueless with this examination but I had so many exam in IELTS. Let me begin by giving you a brief introduction of myself, I am an RN in the Philippines and aspiring to become RN here in Canada. At present I am working as a caregiver… I came here last year July. Just like other aspiring nurses, My passion to become an RN here is immeasurable, however since I am not a native English speaker, english exam is a must. Here are some of my scores in IELTS under Academic training:

Listening 7.5
Reading. 8.0
Writing. 7.0 (6.5)
Speaking.7.0 (6.5)

You might be wondering why I have so many scores in speaking and writing, that is because my scores in those areas are not consistent but if you would notice all my objective exam I am pretty stable, with my writing I know I get into trouble probably because my writing is a bit small, so you cannot discern letter A, E, O 🙂 with speaking idk, generally I would have 7.0 sometimes 6.5. With my scores you think i’ll have a chance in passing the CELBAN? I still don’t know how it goes.
My question is is CELBAN a paper and pen type of exam esp. on the writing per se? I did not came across with this info. Just want to thank you first and foremost for spearheading this tutorials that is very very important to people like me 🙂 thank you for your your persistence in making people’s dream come true in your own special way. Way to go!!!

Have a wonderful day!


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☺ I also took IELTS a lot of times … I have no luck in passing it. Now, I wanted to try CELBAN …

Hello Kim,

Thank you.  I am okay and Winnipeg is a nice place to live in.  People here are friendly and very helpful.  I moved here last March of 2011 from the Philippines. I have taken the CLB in 2011 and my scores were: listening=6, speaking=7, reading=7, writing=6.  Then, I also took IELTS a lot of times and it seems like I have no luck in passing it.  Almost everyone at work would tell me that my English is great but I don’t know why I cannot surpass that exam.  My grades in IELTS were:

  • in JULY 2011 (listening:7.5, reading=5, writing=6.5, speaking=8);
  • in MAY 2012 (Listening=7, reading=7.5, writing=7, speaking=7);
  • in AUG 2012 (listening=7, reading=7, writing=7, speaking=7.5);
  • in DEC 2012 (listening=6.5, reading=7.5, writing=7, speaking=7).

I know that they have been saying that IELTS does not have a pass or fail grade but my scores were not enough for me to get registered in nursing or at least apply for refresher course.  I get frustrated when I get my results.  I understand why the standard is very high but I just feel hopeless when I go back and see how much effort I put into these.  Now, I wanted to try CELBAN for the first time and see how I will be able to do it.  Looking forward to finally reach my goals with your help, Kim.  Thanks again.

Have a good day,


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🌷♫ Wherever I am, either in Dubai or UAE 🇦🇪, I can still easily access the [CELBANPrep] course.

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,

I am from Philippines but I had worked in Dubai, Middle East for 5 years. Since, I dream to migrate to other countries, ielts is always one of the requirements, inorder to get in. I attended almost all the ielts review center in the Philippines and I spent a lot of money but I failed for 3x. I lost my confidence. Everytime I heard an academic IELTS test I felt nervous. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was so scared to take the test.

Moreover, I decided to migrate here in Canada but again they required me to submit IELTS test in general module. Although, I was so afraid but I don’t have choice but to try it. Fortunately, I meet the requirements.

However, I thought this will be the end. I heard that inorder to become a Canadian nurse, it requires me to have an English test. Again, I felt hopeless I don’t know if I can make it.

Thanks God I meet you Kim. If I’m not lucky with IELTS maybe CELBAN is the way for me to achieve my dreams to become an RN in Canada.I believe that I can do it with your help. Thanks for the online review course you have made. It’s really helpful since I don’t have any background about this test. In addition, I felt your dedication, commitment and effort to established this course to help international nurses inorder to pass CELBAN. I never regret that I enrolled in your course even I was still in Dubai. I felt no difference wherever I am either in Dubai or UAE, or Canada. I can still easily access the course.

Again, thanks Kim. Until me meet again online.


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♦ I haven’t taken any English exams [IELTS or CELBAN] because I was scared of failing…

Dear Kim,
I’m good today. Not so nice here in Winnipeg as it rains all day. Originally, I’m from Philippines. I was sponsored by my wife and got my visa last march. I’ve arrived and been here in Canada for 10 months now and stayed in my sister-in-law’s  house before moving out to our condo. I had my CLB score last August and it didn’t come out good. I had 6 in speaking, reading and writing while I had 8 in reading. I haven’t taken any English exams beacuse I was scared of failing an attempt in taking an exam… Thanks in advance for free study guide and practice exams.