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CoI Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take … celban or ielts.

Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take CELBAN vs IELTSDear kim,
Thank you for sending those emails each day. I really appreciate it. Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take, or ,which one is much easier for me,whether celban or ielts. English proficiency is the only exam left for me to get my RPN lisence here in canada and i must admit that i am no good in english grammar to begin with. And then i saw your name [on Dear Kim] answering all these questions and helping us by giving some tips. I taught that it would be of great help reading all the tips you have been sending us.
Maybe one time i will sit and open my computer to write down my questions. And i want to thank you in advance. Have a nice day ahead. God Bless!

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1G$* Keepsake: Im working here in canada as a caregiver. I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines

Updated 2021

Hi! Im working here in canada as a caregiver. Im interested to apply to be LPN and RN here… I dont know if my credentials will be qualify… I have two courses in the Philippines, one Is Business Management graduated then i continue it in field of Nursing,i graduated again last october , I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines, since February. Can i ask if u allow a voluntary works as NNAS job experience in health care as an evidence for safe nursing?what are the guidelines to assess my credentials here? Fees?Ielts? thank u.Hope u can help me..im bit confuse…God bless!!! M

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1G* – I am from Philippines currently working as caregiver … I wanted to try CELBAN but I am scared … I am not working in the hospital now for three and half (3 1/2) years

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,

Honestly, I am comfused to what english test to take, I was reading about Ielts but I found difficult. I wanted to try CELBAN but I am scared because I don’t have the idea how is the exam is going to be, yes i know, there will be listening, reading, writing and speaking, but I am still wondering how is it going to be done in CELBAN. I have tried IELTS (general) before But I was not satisfied about my score, it was low, its was really bad and frustrating.
As when I was viewing all your videos (Dear Kim Canada – YouTube) I’ve heard that there will be role playing , and thats make me scared even more because I am not working in the hospital now for three and half (3 1/2) years, I can feel now as I do not know anything anymore in nursing, like nursing terms and all and so with the writing I am so slow, I practise, I try to write but everytime I read my out its so frustating because its just like it was done by grade 3or grade 5 student… I’m screwed!
By the way, I forgot to introduce my self, I am G from Philippines currently working as caregiver and soon to have an open permit, hopefully it will go smoothly.  (I’m working on my papers now). I am planning to complete my english exam within this year, I wanted to be a Licensed practical nurse first then hopefully I can proceed to a Registered Nurse someday if God’s permit.
Thank you…please help me. G

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CELBANPrep Available in Japan 🇯🇵 and 100 Countries!!!

Update 2021

Dear Friends,

Did you know that since 2009 CELBANPrep has been available, in Japan and 100 other countries?

If you are in Japan, considering taking the CELBAN so that you can become a licensed or registered nurse in Canada, there are several posts that will get you started.

This article is written in a question and answer format:

  • Where do I start?
  • What is NNAS?
  • Should I take the CELBAN before applying to NNAS?
  • Should I take the CELBAN or the IELTS?
  • Do you have online CELBAN courses, online CELBAN classes, and CELBAN material?
  • What else should I know about preparing for the CELBAN outside of Canada?

May you find the solid and reliable, trustworthy, source you are looking for!



Where do I start?

There are two reliable sources for information about the CELBAN and the process of becoming a nurse in Canada. 

“STEP ONE: Contact the CELBAN official Website. Check out the website of the CELBAN Centre (www.celbancentre.ca) to get test information. This is the CELBAN official website, adminstered by Touchstone

“STEP TWO: Learn more from the NNAS ==> Go to the National Nursing Assessment Service (www.nnas.ca/) website to get answers to the question:What is the passing score for nurses on the CELBAN?”

from the CELBAN Help Centre @ www.celban.info

What is NNAS?

The National Nursing Assessment Services was founded in August of 2014. Before that time Internationally Educated Nurses applied to individual provincial Colleges of Nursing to start their documentation process. So, at that time there was a great deal of duplication. And, it became challenging for IENs who moved from one province to another. 

With NNAS the entire documentation process for all of the colleges of nursing, for all of the provinces, for both registered nurses and licensed nurses is completed by one organization. 

This makes it much easier for you.

Should I take the CELBAN before applying to NNAS?

This is a question that comes up quire regularly. So, I have written the answer in several posts. Each is for a different person, so each post has a different perspective and the information shared is different in each post. See: NNAS first?

Should I take the CELBAN or the IELTS?

This is another commonly asked question that has been answered in many different ways. See: CELBAN or IELTS?

Do you have online CELBAN courses, online CELBAN classes, and CELBAN material?

The answer is, “Yes!”

Because CELBANPrep was first created over ten years ago, in 2009, ample resources have been created. This includes: 

  • CELBAN online courses: textbooks, workbooks, lesson plans, and the like.
  • CELBAN online classes: small groups that get together on a regular basis to practice skills taught during the online courses.
  • CELBAN intensives: CELBAN online courses, classes and material that helps people to decrease the amount of time it takes to prepare for the CELBAN.
  • CELBAN material: quizzes, handouts, assigments to practice skills required to pass the CELBAN.
  • CELBAN reviewers: e-books, websites, blog posts, updates that expose IENs to the format and structure – expectations – of the CELBAN.

It took time, but now CELBANPrep University has the most extensive library of resouces available to you, at various price points, to assist you in preparing for the CELBAN no matter where you are in the world!

CELBAN in Japan?

The beautful thing about CELBANPrep Publishing, is that several CELBAN courses and CELBAN intensives have been available through Amazon.jp. 


While CELBANPrep Publishing provides books (textbooks and workbooks) for our CELBAN courses, the accompanying CELBAN videos are available through CELBANPrep University.

Where do I start with CELBANPrep?

This is another question that I am asked quite often, by Internationally Educated Nurses like you. With so many options, it is sometimes difficult for IENs to figure out where to start. This post shares ample information about where to start and how to prepare for the CELBAN

What else should I know about preparing for the CELBAN outside of Canada?

Several posts have been written about preparing for the CELBAN, internationally. You may benefit from reading these posts as well.

There is even a tag: https://dear-kim.com/tag/celban-preparation-internationally

I hope that this post gives you some clarity and understing both about the process of becoming a registered nurse in Canada, but also the steps to take in preparing for the CELBAN exam. 



Find reliable and trustworthy CELBAN online courses, CELBAN online classes and CELBAN Material at CELBANPrep University.

200 What is the Word Count on the CELBAN Exam?

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
The above report (1G CELBAN Writing ~ Incident Report. Can you spot the errors?) is 263 words. Do you know the word limit for CELBAN writing task 2 (Incident report )?

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3G* CELBAN Writing ~ Writing Incident Reports

Updated 2021

Dear Friend,
The Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses is different from the IELTS because the topics for the CELBAN are familiar: about nursing or your personal experiences. For this reason the topics chosen for CELBANPrep Writing Level One assignments are about nursing, personal experiences or something else that is a familiar topic to the writer. During CELBANPrep Writing Level One, IENs work with a writing coach/tutor who provides individualized feedback on how each IEN can turn his or her weaknesses into strengths. This process continues for CELBANPrep Writing Level Two, where assignments are in a nursing context: assessment and incident reports.
I was so pleased, and surprised when one of my IENs wrote about incident reports as her topic for an assignment for CELBANPrep Writing Level One. She did such an excellent job I immediately knew I wanted to post it, so that I could share it with you!

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3G* Writing for CELBAN and IELTS ~ Which is easier?

Updated 2021

Dear Friend,

People from all over the world subscribe to CELBANPrep Writing Level One online course, using the CELBAN Writing material, CELBAN online courses, and CELBAN online classes. Textbooks and Workbooks are available internationally through Amazon. The accompanying teaching videos are available through the CELBANPrep University website. www.CELBANPrep.ca. 

When I first read Rashin’s assignment I could see she was working very hard to incorporate vocabulary – which is required on the IELTS – while writing about the pros and cons of children participating in sports.

In time, having taken both the CELBAN and the IELTS, and preparing for the CELBAN with the materials, classes and courses offered through CELBANPrep, I asked her to answer the question I am asked all the time, “Which is easier the IELTS or the CELBAN?”

Following are quotes from two conversations.

Here is her first assignment:

A war of words is being waged on the subject  of whether sport has positive impacts on children or not. I feel confident in stating that the pros outweigh cons.

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1G*!! Keepsake: After failing the IELTS 7 x, I joined [CELBANPrep] in the month of FEB, took the CELBAN MAY: I passed!!!

Updated 2021

Kim, I was lost when I decided to finally take CELBAN. Prior to that I took IELTS more than 5x when I was in the Philippines and 2x here in Canada. I was devastated when I didn’t got my desired scores in IELTS. I had hesitations in applying for CELBAN because: first) it don’t know anything about it, second) i don’t know people or institution who conduct reviews and lastly) another months of preparation. Luckily, I saw CelbanPrep thru google… I joined in the month of FEB and took the CELBAN MAY 3. I passed! Continue reading

Keepsake: !!* I took CELBAN, first attempt I failed….I got the confidence to overcome my fear of writing

Updated 2021

Good afternoon Kim,
My name is R, I am one of your student… I would like to thank you for all your guidance and support in my writing. Though, I felt so bad whenever I check my writing [CELBANPrep Writing Level One] there were lots colours for corrections- but for this corrections I improved and felt confident in doing an incident report [CELBANPrep Writing Level Two]. Honestly, I took IELTS exam 3 times, unfortunately I didn’t meet the score that they were requiring me to reach. Then I took Celban, first attempt I failed. Somehow, you gave me a chance … from that point I practice and practice until I got the confidence to overcome my fear of writing. Luckily, I got a schedule … for CELBAN exam … and I pass the exam. Kim, you put a mark in achieving my nursing career here in Canada.

Thank you,

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Keepsake !! After 3x failing the IELTS, I finally passed my CELBAN exam in the first attempt!

Updated 2021

Dear Kim

I passed. Can you believe it? After three times failing the IELTS exam, I finally passed my CELBAN exam in the first attempt. I do not know how can I appreciate you. In fact, your great teaching method made my future bright in this country. Nobody knows my feeling now, it is like a flying. Finally my dreams come true with the help of God, your great teaching and my stamina.
My dearest friend.
 It was six months ago that I did not have any hope to pursue my job in this country. As I had passed the NCLEX exam before, the only barrier for me to become a registered nurse was the language proficiency exam; however, IELTS totally depleted my energy and I decided to quit my dream. My husband encouraged me to join the CELBANPrep course, but I had no trust to your course. Finally I joined the CELBANPrep course without any hope, I told my husband,” I attend this course because of you, but I know that it is useless!” I feel confident in stating that joining CELBANPrep course was the best gift that I have got in my life. When I was under a huge pressure,and I felt hopeless and helpless in this country, you act like a lighthouse to show me a right way in the stormy sea. You are in my heart and my mind for ever.
God Bless You