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1G Horaaaaaaaaay, I did it [wrote a perfect report for CELBAN Writing] in 20 minutes

I did it - wrote a perfect report for CELBAN Writing in 20 minutes - Dear Kim CELBAN

Dear Friend,

Every once in a while I post a report written by an IEN for CELBAN Writing during the CELBANPrep Writing Level One and Two . Today I am posting this sample to show you that it is possible to write a complete, detailed and organized report in 20 minutes. This one was posted with only one small error. Here is my comment:

Wow, R!  … Perfect! How was the timing? She replied:

Dear Kim

Horaaaaaaaaay, I did it in 20 minutes… I hope that I can do it in a real exam.

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CoI Are you interested in taking half the time to pass the CELBAN?

Are you interested in taking half the time to pass the CELBANHi KIm,

I am doing good. Thanks. And how about you? The weather in Winnipeg has taken a turn and from some warmer days, we are back to a chilly/rainy weather conditions.
i am from from India and its been an year and four months living in Canada and Winnipeg is where I landed and I am looking forward to stay here for some more years.
I have not taken the CELBAN examination yet and I do not have the scores for CLB. But I have taken the IELTS test and my scores were :
Listening- 7.5
Reading-  7.0
Writing –   6.5 &
Speaking- 8.0
I have tried doing the self-assessment test by celban, but its the same video and passages that keep on repeating.
Looking forward to get your package and start doing the preparations.

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I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then…apply for the NNAS. 

if I can take my CELBAN first then apply for the NNASHello Kim,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the helpful info that you have given others which I have browsed in your sites.  I, too, have similar situations and concerns like many IENS here in Canada trying to pursue their nursing profession.

I am from the Philippines. I am registered nurse back home with clinical experience of about 4 years. I arrived here in Calgary last January of this year, together with my family.

Yes, I have recently taken the CLBPT.  My scores are as follow: (7)listening, (8) speaking, (8) reading, (7) writing.

I have not taken any english exams before (IELTS/CELBAN).  I plan to take CELBAN very soon.  I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then once I successfully have my results, I plan to apply for the NNAS.  As with the NNAS, its about a year period that I must complete the process so as to avoid additional fees for extension. And the CELBAN score is part of its requirements.

I am looking forward to any valuable info from you that can assist me in my test taking  CELBAN.  I am just like the many that you have encountered who are at the starting point in Canada with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams to fulfill here in Canada.  I love it here for sure!

Thanks. C.

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CoI Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take … celban or ielts.

Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take CELBAN vs IELTSDear kim,
Thank you for sending those emails each day. I really appreciate it. Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take, or ,which one is much easier for me,whether celban or ielts. English proficiency is the only exam left for me to get my RPN lisence here in canada and i must admit that i am no good in english grammar to begin with. And then i saw your name [on Dear Kim] answering all these questions and helping us by giving some tips. I taught that it would be of great help reading all the tips you have been sending us.
Maybe one time i will sit and open my computer to write down my questions. And i want to thank you in advance. Have a nice day ahead. God Bless!

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CoI Now i am little confused: should I get coaching or should I do preparation [for the CELBAN] myself.

I am confused Should I get a coach or Should I prepare for the CELBAN myselfHi Kim.

I am good. actually i performed exam one time, and i got scores as below:

Reading 9
Speaking 7
Writing 6
so now i am little confused that should I get coaching or should I do preparation myself. Thats why i didnt give you any response.
Thanks. A

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Prepare for the CELBAN in Less Time: Find out how!

Prepare for the CELBAN in Less Time

Before the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series it took many nurses six months to prepare for the CELBAN. But through the concentrated focus of the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series, IENs were able to transform weaknesses into strengths within a matter of weeks! By creating sentences, learning how to edit them, and having them reviewed by a Writing Coach, IENs were able to prepare for the CELBAN  – achieving higher benchmarks – in less time!

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I was thinking why not to create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings?

Dear Kim I was thinking why not create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings
Dear Kim,                                                                                                  
One thing is bothering me for a long time and I am not sure should I shared it or not as it might hurt you. But if I will not share I will not feel relax by thinking: it could be  a good suggestion. Heartily, its my humble request to you, if you do not like it please disregard it happily.
Well, I was thinking why not to create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings?
As I am writing for a long time; I have observed that most of candidates do the same mistakes for [CELBANPrep Writing Level One] 1 to 4 assignment. Like spacing, capital I and first letter of every sentence, agreement of tense and verb, punctuation articles and spellings . Especially, the candidates who are new to computer skills.  When I read others’ post, always find you writing the same again again for all of us. Everyday you do so hard efforts. It might take may be a week to you create this small but effective resource but I believe it would reduce your work load and time remarkably. Dear Kim I really, new to use the polite words in English if any one of my words hurts you please forgive me for that.
Thank you for your patience.

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