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§ Do you “deal with” people or do you “work with” people?

The following is a quote from the work of an IEN who subscribed to CELBANPrep Writing. It is part of her assignment for the CELBAN Writing Tutoring.

Working in the Operating Room is my passion because this is the field that I was introduced to and gained my experienced in as a nurse. I would also like to deal with elderly people whom I consider as individuals with special needs. With great perseverance and dedication, I will follow my ambitions not just as a goal but as a fulfillment as well.

Question: do you “deal with” people or do you “work with” people?

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♥ I am thinking I am very weak in English.

Dear Kim,

To read your comments , [about my assignment for my writing tutoring] I  am thinking I am very weak in English. Sorry, I am consuming a lot of your’s precious time.  Thankyou for your patience.   Here, I am ready to work from starting and want to learn as you want to teach me. I might frustrate you with silly mistakes so please forgive me for that. I will work on this assignment as long as you think: I should be here. Wish you a great day.


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§ CELBAN Writing: Are articles important?

While CELBANPrep is an exam preparation course and not an English course, we do focus on grammar during the 8 lessons delivered over 8 weeks for CELBANPrep Writing. One weakness of many IENs is articles. Articles are those tiny words like: a, an, the.

Are articles important?

Consider these two sentences:

  • I also have an opportunity to loan ….
  • I also have an opportunity to a loan …

The only difference is an “a”. What is the difference in meaning?

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700♥ Creating your own reality, your own future, your own success: CELBAN Writing Task 2

Updated 2021

On April 1,2012 at 1100H, Paul Robinson, a 65 year old patient, found on the floor by the elevator with an IV pole. No witness presented. The patient looked pale, groaning, with slight bleeding on the forehead and with an IV line still intact in his left arm. On assessment, he was conscious, responsive, complained of pain on his head and with small laceration on his eyebrow noted. Brought back to treatment room per wheelchair, assisted to bed and vital signs checked as follows: BP 201/145mmHg which is high, PR 105b/min, RR 24/min, Temp 36.5 C. Seen and examined by Dr. Paul, blood and urine test done, skull Xray done with no fracture reported, suturing (2 stitches) done on the lacerated wound. Voltaren 75mg IM administered at 1130H. Overall, patient was kept comfortably rested on bed, verbalized comfort and is in stable condition._______________Maria, RN

♥ I am having some doubts about the process of becoming an RN

Dear Kim,
               Thank u for your response.Iam having some doubts, Could u please clarify them for me?
               Iam an Indian.I completed my Bsc nursing from 2004-2008 and got registered as an RN in India.Iam having 2 1/2 years experience in clinical side… i got married, and came to USA….Now iam 6th month Pregnant….Now iam planning to write Celban so that i can get interim permit to work,then i will complete CRNBC too.
Now i need some answers for these questions:
1) Will i get interim permit after completion of celban exam?
2) CRNBC requires 5 years of experience,but i have only 2.5 yrs of experience,but i have more than 1125 hrs of experience which was mentioned inCRNBC.what will be the other option for me to write that exam?
3)Do i really need to write SEC.Is it mandatory for all ?Who all will be asked to write the SEC exam?
please kindly send answers to my questions.i think u can understand my situation,if u have any doubts regarding my information i will clarify it.
waiting for ur reply….
Regards, P

§ Why it is not allowed to mentioned “I” or “me” in writing reports?


I corrected those 2 sentences where I used “I” and “me”. There is a saying in [my] language, “It happens to bigger houses”. So, it can happens to me too, isn’t it? But is learning time and I want to be like a child with many questions and to ask you, why it is not allowed to mentioned “I” or “me”. Can be this one answer? Because the report will be signed and it is understood that I did what I wrote, except the time when I asked for help?



(CELBANPrep Writing Subscriber)

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§ Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

Dear Friend,

It is great that you are watching Grey’s Anatomy. It is a great show. I used to watch it alot, but not so much now. I forget what time and channel it is on! I like the characters. Are you keeping a note book with you? Do you list new words, and then look them up? This is especially helpful with “idioms” and “phrasal verbs”. These are words that used in combination have a different meaning. Here are some links. I included two of them because you can get an idiom or phrasal verb in your inbox every day!

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