700♥ Creating your own reality, your own future, your own success: CELBAN Writing Task 2

Updated 2021

On April 1,2012 at 1100H, Paul Robinson, a 65 year old patient, found on the floor by the elevator with an IV pole. No witness presented. The patient looked pale, groaning, with slight bleeding on the forehead and with an IV line still intact in his left arm. On assessment, he was conscious, responsive, complained of pain on his head and with small laceration on his eyebrow noted. Brought back to treatment room per wheelchair, assisted to bed and vital signs checked as follows: BP 201/145mmHg which is high, PR 105b/min, RR 24/min, Temp 36.5 C. Seen and examined by Dr. Paul, blood and urine test done, skull Xray done with no fracture reported, suturing (2 stitches) done on the lacerated wound. Voltaren 75mg IM administered at 1130H. Overall, patient was kept comfortably rested on bed, verbalized comfort and is in stable condition._______________Maria, RN

Dear Maria R,

You have done something not many people have done. In fact, I can not remember if it has ever happened before. You have submitted a perfect report! I am both amazed and stunned.

How was your timing? Do you have an exam date?

Exemplary work, Maria!

Dear Kim,

I made it because I have you as my mentor. So far I manage it on time.

Thank you very much.


Dear Maria,

If learning was based only on the teacher, than all of the people who subscribe to CELBANPrep would pass the exam. However, this is not so. The teacher and mentor can only do so much. At some point in time…

It is the choices of the students that determine success.

Unfortunately, which was really hard for me to understand at the beginning,  not everyone who comes to me has the ability to follow through. They either do not have the energy, time, determination, humility or desire to continue; they do not take the opportunity to learn and grow, or to turn weaknesses into strengths. So, for some people who do not do the homework assignments, and attend the live events, when the 90 Day Challenge ends they are at the same place where they started.

That is what makes you different:

  • You have what it takes to apply what you have learned.
  • You have the energy, time, determination, humility and desire to succeed.
  • You are applying the 5 Keys to Success from the Secrets to Success Mastermind.

And that is how I know you will be a nurse in Canada one day.

Because you have what it takes, within you, to make this dream happen.

The difference between a dreamer and one who turns the dream into reality is action.

A dream remains abstract and removed until the dreamer decided to make it happen.

Setting Golden Goals, creating Activating Action Plans to work towards those goals, overcoming obstacles and barriers: all of these things allow the dreamer to become an artist of your own life.

And what do artists do? They create. How do they create? By doing?

You are not only a dreamer, but an artist creating your own reality, your own future, your own success. And that is what tells me that you will make your dream a reality because of what you have demonstrated.

So thank you for your compliment. I have worked hard to create:

  • CELBANPrep University,
  • CELBAN FAQ E-books,
  • CELBAN Preparation Guides,
  • the Secrets to Success on the CELBAN MasterMind,
  • Lessons. Assignments. Videos. and more. 

I have created all of this to help you and others to obtain your/their dreams. But I can not take all of the credit.

I saw this today, it confirms everything I know about people who reach their dreams in Canada… what I know about you!

Have a great day!

Dear Kim,

I know my words are not enough to say how thankful I am to have a teacher like you because, even though we did not personally meet, you believe in me. Thank you again for your kind thoughts and for all your inspiring words. And honestly, the video that you’ve sent me, moves and touches my heart. It is very encouraging. I’ve had tears of joy in my eyes while I’m watching it. And, I keep on repeatedly watching it. You are such a wonderful person and an inspiration. It is very evident that your goal is not only to teach us (IENs) but also, you motivate us: to face challenges, to expand our potentials, lastly, to make a decision to aim for success and make it happens. You are amazing. I believe you came, along the way…for a purpose…You make a difference in my life. Again, thank you for sustaining me to fullfill my dreams.



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