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As soon as possible I will join in that CELBANPrep family!


     Thank you so much for your email.
      I need to improve my general English in writing, listening, reading and speaking. I was a nurse in Brasil, I have been studied English for 06 months and I need a little bit more.
       After this process, as soon as possible I will join in that CELBANprep family, i really enjoy your course and I know that I need them.
      I am going to study a couple months more by myself and when I feel security I will start to study to CELBANprep on line. I prefer to study n my comfortable home.
     Please,  let me know with you have some advice about my situation, every thing is very important for me now.

HOPE ♥ What you have taught me, is the courage to try again and to believe in my self.

Hi Kim,

How are you? I hope you and your staff are all doing great. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the help most especially your words of encouragement.
That helped me to passed my Celban last June! Although I was not consistent in doing my assignments,what you have taught me, is the courage to try again and to believe in my self. To keep going even sometimes the road seems scary because of lots of challenges along the way.
Kim, you and your staff inspired me. Big thanks to you. I will always pray that everything will be in good shape, and that God always guide you so that all the more you can help IEN’s around the world.
You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much Kim!

HOPE !! I PASSED the CELBAN… without taking CELBANPrep, I would have definitely failed.

Dear Kim,

I got my Celban Result..  “I PASSED…” I am soo happy.. I am sure that, if I went for the exam without taking CelbanPrep, I would have definitely failed. I remember your words to another candidate.. for every success, ‘God’s grace, your help and my effort should be there’.. Yes I follow that and I got it… Thank you so much Kim, I have no words to express my feelings.. Group calling helped me to understand a lot..  Your one on one consultant was excellent.. and that gave me confidence to face the exam,,, writing section was awesome, I read others’ writings and the way you, Dia and Reids corrected it, thank you so much Dia for supporting me. I haven’t get any chance to meet Reids.. As you may know, this was my crucial time, and my work permit is expired.
This was one of my best decisions
I have ever made in my life
..and you will always be in my mind as one of my favorite teachers, I dont know how you look, but I have a beautiful picture of you in my mind.. I recommend this Celban Prep to all nurses who want to become a Canadian nurse…  Once again thank you so much for your support and help.. Thanking You.
Your Sincerely,

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