As soon as possible I will join in that CELBANPrep family!


     Thank you so much for your email.
      I need to improve my general English in writing, listening, reading and speaking. I was a nurse in Brasil, I have been studied English for 06 months and I need a little bit more.
       After this process, as soon as possible I will join in that CELBANprep family, i really enjoy your course and I know that I need them.
      I am going to study a couple months more by myself and when I feel security I will start to study to CELBANprep on line. I prefer to study n my comfortable home.
     Please,  let me know with you have some advice about my situation, every thing is very important for me now.

j0439522[1]Dear K,

I smiled with your e-mail. And how did you know that CELBANPrep is like a family?
You know, after meeting people, hearing their stories, and getting to know them through their writing or talking during conference calls, it really does feel like a family. My greatest joys are when I see people supporting each other on their individual but collective journeys. I feel so proud!
I am glad that you know that you need some time to study, and that you are able to have the self discipline it takes to study at home. Both of these are characteristics which are necessary for CELBANPrep!
In the mean time I suggest you check out some resources at They are not necessarily CELBAN related, but will make a big difference once you do decide to join the family!
Have a great day, K!

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