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Before you do any thing [about taking the CELBAN] please read the following 3 Warnings!

Dear Kim,
Hi there Kim, how are you? Sorry for the late response, by the way to answer all the questions that you asked, to start I came all the way from Philippines, I am a Filipino, came here in Canada year 2008 of October and work as an LPN, but right now I am on my Maternity leave ,yes I gave birth to a healthy baby girl last May 18. Β I’ve never been to any other country, before going here. I took IELTS back home, and I passed it but then when the time comes that I need to renew it for it was already expired that was the time that I failed it. I heard a good feedback from some of my friends who took their English exam from Celban and thats why I opted to challenge it rather than the IELTS which I personally say that they made it harder for the applicants to pass it. As of now I am waiting to be rebook again to take the Celban examination, I was supposed to take it last September 4 and 5, but I cancelled it for personal reasons. I am hoping to be book again this fall since that was the original plan,and i’m still waiting for their response. Hopefully I can get a prompt response from them so I have an ample time to study and start my review with you.
Thanks for taking time reading my letter, have a good day ahead.
Sincerely yours,

☺ Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences of procrastination

Hi kim!

I came here in Edmonton October of 2008, an IEN from the Philippines.Β  I am currently working as LPN.Β  Edmonton is my first destination and we will settle here for good.Β  When I did my assessment last juneof 2011,Β  CARNA gave me two courses to take that can be finished in 2 months time.Β  I was not able to take my courses early due to bulk of students that are doing the bridging at the MRU.Β  Unfortunately my IELTS exam will expire this coming April 11.Β  I took the exam again but i was not able to meet the required score in writing.

I want to try my luck with CELBAN, I am takign the test this coming April 11 and 12.Β  My problem is, i dont have any idea of the exam.Β  The self assessment for the test that can be accessed at the CELAS website is not fix yet. I hope you can give me an idea about the test.


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