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Criteria for Registration and Licensure (IENs)

Dear Friend,

Wow! It is amazing what happens when you dig a little further into the information available online! In search for updates on NNAS I found out that the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia is very transparent in that they revealed the criteria for IENs to become registered and licensed in that province, based on their act as directed by their province. I am posting it now, as the opening of NNAS is bound to influence significant changes to the websites of the provincial colleges of nursing.

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CRNBC: New application process for Internationally Educated Nurses

Dear Friends,

For the past few days I have been scouring the internet and the 22 nursing licensure bodies websites and Facebook pages looking for information for you. Today I found a post by  the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, CRNBC , posted July 15, 2014. Although some of the information has already been given on this blog, there is additional information provided, and a wonderful graphic on the IEN registration pathway with both NNAS and CRNBC.

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IMPORTANT NEWS: National Nursing Assessment Services (NNAS)

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, August 12 2014, is a much awaited date, for Internationally Educated Nurses. It is the start of a whole new approach to becoming registered in Canada for both LPNs/ RPNs and RNs with the dawning of the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). Announced in November, 2014, the NNAS is:

a non-profit organization comprised of the 22 member boards of all licensed practical nurse (LPN) (registered practical nurse in Ontario), registered nurse (RN), and registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) regulatory bodies in Canada, with the exception of Quebec and the Territories.

In this way you as IENs apply to one organization regardless of which province you live in, and whether you want to be an LPN/RPN, an RN, or a RPN.

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♫ Wherever I am, either in Dubai or UAE, I can still easily access the [CELBANPrep] course.

Dear Kim,

I am from Philippines but I had worked in Dubai, Middle East for 5 years. Since, I dream to migrate to other countries, ielts is always one of the requirements, inorder to get in. I attended almost all the ielts review center in the Philippines and I spent a lot of money but I failed for 3x. I lost my confidence. Everytime I heard an academic IELTS test I felt nervous. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was so scared to take the test.

Moreover, I decided to migrate here in Canada but again they required me to submit IELTS test in general module. Although, I was so afraid but I don’t have choice but to try it. Fortunately, I meet the requirements.

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Is CELBAN equibalent to IELTS, to continue studying?

Hi I have a question, I’m a nurse in another country and I have to take the English test to take the examination for licensure as a nurse in BC, I have interest in further studying a specialty, or follow the Masters after getting my license in BC However, universities are asking me to take IELTS. The question is, is CELBAN equibalente to IELTS, to continue studying. Thanks for your attention. Angie

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CELBAN preparation in Korea and internationally

i’m from korea and i’d stayed in Vancouver about 1 year

i went there in 2010 and i came back to Korea this year

I’ve experience to take ILETS in general module in 2010 for the permanent residence card but i’ve never taken celban

The score was listening 5.5 writing :5.5 writing:6 speaking: 5

I need to write the Celban to prove language proficiency

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I would like to prepare for CELBAN on-line from Jamaica

hi i m m. i m nurse from india but i m working in jamaica . i would like to prepare online and come to canada and give exam. is it possible? if yes then should i have to write any other exam before it.

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