I am waiting for my Visa…

HI KIM, Thank you very much for your uptodate mail.I have applied for canada immigration under skilled worker and waiting for my visa processing. Once i reached in canada how will be the procedure for celban course?i am curious to know. Thank you in advance, D.

Dear D,
Hello! It is great to hear from you! I am glad you have appreciated the e-mails, updates and resources. It is great that you have gotten so far in your immigration process! It is a great time for you to be preparing for the CELBAN, even from where you are: if you have access to the internet. All of CELBANPrep resources are available on-line: available where you are, available when you are.

The method of delivery for the CELBANPrep resources is one of three methods:

The thing is, if you have already accessed the How to Prepare for the CELBAN Study Guides and Practice Exams, you already know and understand the method of delivery. I have created these resources to demonstrate how CELBANPrep works, only access is easier as it is within the membership protected area of CELBANPrep.

What that means is that you can begin your preparations and reviews for the CELBAN right where you are! Now! It is highly recommended that you do what you can to prepare, early. Passing an English exam with a high enough score, can take from one to two years (depending on where you are starting from.) The earlier you start, the easier your process once you arrive!

For more information on the importance of time, when it comes to the CELBAN please see Dear Kim’s Must Read. These are indepth answers to questions I have received about the CELBAN. Knowing this early will help you tremendously.

Once you have read these, feel free to contact me again for more information or to answer more questions.


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