7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN ~ live webinar

Dear Friend,

Last year I decided to create a blog posting messages I sent to people in reply to questions they asked. After a few months I realized there are 7 questions I get asked all the time!

  1. Should I take the CELBAN or the IELTS?
  2. How do I get a 10 on CELBAN Listening
  3. Should I take the CELBAN Exam now?
  4. Why take CELBAN Exam Preparation?
  5. Why do people fail the CELBAN?
  6. Why do I need to Practice for the CELBAN?
  7. When can I start preparing for the CELBAN?

7 thingsSo I decided to create a presentation that I could do as a webinar. This would give me a chance to talk with people, answer questions, and share information. I decided to have the presentation once a month, on the first Tuesday of the month, at two different times toย accommodateย busy schedules.

Last week, I held the first webinars of 2013. I had so much fun talking with everyone! So many questions!

As I went through my e-mail I received this message:

Hi Kim,

Thank you for the webinar today.
It was great! I got lots of encouragement and motivation!
ย …
Thank you so much again for your help.
I smiled to myself. Good! I was not the only one who had a great time.
Join me, next month. ย Check datesย ย | ย CELBANPrep Couponsย | ย Register
You too will walk away not only feeling informed but motivated andย encouraged!
I look forward to talking with you!
P.S. If you attended a 7 Things webinar, please comment! Let others know what you think, what you learned, and how you felt!

2 responses to “7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN ~ live webinar

  1. hi kim, this morning I decided to reschedule my celban on September for complete test as required by CNO. I am so thankful that you were able to discussed it during the webinar otherwise my time and money will just be frittered away. I will start reading the resources after my OSCE which is few weeks from now and would rather get back to you by May. Is there any other resources you recommend ? Thanks for sending the free listening test [from http://www.celban.info‘s How to Prepare for the CELBAN]. I greatly appreciate it. L

  2. Dear Kim,
    The webinar was informative and fun! It was great to hear fellow IENs sharing their views; they were as eager as me to join. I wished we didn’t have to do the house chores or prepare for work and just talk all day ๐Ÿ™‚ I would not want to miss a single session. Talk to you soon!

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