♥ I really messed up.

Thanks Kim,

I really messed up.=).I am looking forward to learn more from you.Thank you.

Regards, Y

This comment was written by an IEN who subscribed to CELBANPrep Writing, during her Writing Tutoring. I had identified her errors and this was my reply.

Dear Y,

You did not mess up! On the contrary, you are becoming aware of your weaknesses: we all have them.

You know what? When I was doing my Master in Education I handed in a paper, and that is what the prof did: he identified my weaknesses ~ the mistakes I made repeatedly. I went to my grammar guide and learned what I did wrong, learned how to correct it, and never made that mistake again. It is in his honour and memory that I created CELBANPrep Writing.

Time and time again people subscribing to CELBANPrep writing have proven this to be an effective way for people to turn their weaknesses into strengths and thus increasing their scores on the exam.

You did not mess up! You are becoming aware of your weaknesses on the path to turning them into strengths, which takes a great deal of courage: courage many do not have, courage that prevents others from moving forward. You did not mess up, you are moving forward: learning one step at a time!


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