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♪♪ A Guide to Evaluating CELBAN Resources ~ I just heard about NNAS and immediately signed up

Hi Kim,

I have been searching on how to write in this blog for a while now but I can’t find the link so I just made a comment here… Anyway, I just arrived here in Canada just a couple of weeks ago and I’m also from the Philippines like majority of the people here. I just heard about NNAS and immediately signed up and finished my payment. Unfortunately, I need to take IELTS/CELBAN that’s how I landed on this forum. I have already taken IELTS GT back home and got 8 in reading, 7,5 in listening and speaking, and 6.5 in writing. I don’t want to risk and have my papers delayed by failing the ACAD so I’m planning on taking CELBAN… What should I do? Your comments are so positive it keeps everybody’s hopes up. Thank you. JR

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♪♪ The release of the CELBAN Trap through the IEPC Bookstore on the Cloud could not come at a better time!

Dear Friends, Answering emails this past month has been both inspiring and deflating. I just replied to another email from an IEN and my heart is breaking. Like so many of you she is under pressure. She has chosen an exam date in one month, it is her second time taking the CELBAN, and her safe practice is expiring. I raise my hands. I shake my head. Tears threaten to escape. Continue reading