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☼ *Disillusioned Dreamer: We can not do this alone, any of it. We need each other, in life, to obtain our dreams.

Disillusioned Dreamer_ We can not do this alone, any of it. We need each other, in life, to obtain our dreams. (1)Dear Kim,
Thanks for your email.
I moved here with my husband and our two children. IT has been hard. Mostly because I am home alone and not being able to work. Toronto is a nice city.
We moved here three months ago from Sweden. I am swedish, but I have lived i the UK, for four years, but IT was ten years ago. I was working there as a nurse.
I did the IELTS and failed to get the score I require, which nearly broke me apart. I misunderstood the instructor on the reading part, and I know that effected my result, but I still managed to fail on the essay which I wasn’t prepared on. It felt ok when I was writing. My IELTS band is: Reading 6.0 Listening 7.5. Writing 5.5 and speaking 8.5. Overall 7,0.
I don’t know if I should retake the IELTS or do the Celban, but I am now looking into the Celban. Maybe you can give me some advise.
Best Regards,

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♥ I am heartbroken with my [failed] ielts results three times

HI Kim,i am IEN from india ,i have not started preparing yet I need your support please guide from the initial step. you know I am heartbroken with my ielts results three time after coming to Canada.I know with your guidance and encouragement I will able to study hard.waiting eagerly for your response. A.

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i read… that u can do both LPN and RN…I really need your advice.

Hi kim,
I am a registered nurse in the Philippines with a 4 years experience but its a long time ago (2010). I am currently in a live in caregiver program. I just registered in NNAS for my assessment for LPN but i read on some forums and even here that u can do both LPN and RN assessment at the same time but with additional payment. I was just wondering if its advisable to do it if i want to pursue LPN first then maybe eventually pursue my RN career. I really need your advice. Thanks for your time.


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► Passion Planning with Kim!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I shared with you the e-mail that inspired the Dear Kim Sessions. I wrote, ” I don’t know how it will go… but it is an idea, a way to connect with IENs, like you suggested” based on this blog.

Dear Kim has specific goals, to provide, “the encouragement, hope and support that people really need.”

Today I spent much of my day, at a cafe, working on my goals for the 2016 year, figuring out how to integrate my New Years Resolution of creating 6 new YouTube Channels, excited to use my Passion Planner.

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I am no longer persuing the Nursing…the process nearly broke me..

Hi, Kim.
I am no longer persuing the Nursing registration because to be honest the process nearly broke me. It is not worth it to stay in a country that makes me lose myself in the process. I will be leaving the country next summer.
Best regards

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♪♪ A Guide to Evaluating CELBAN Resources ~ I just heard about NNAS and immediately signed up

Hi Kim,

I have been searching on how to write in this blog for a while now but I can’t find the link so I just made a comment here… Anyway, I just arrived here in Canada just a couple of weeks ago and I’m also from the Philippines like majority of the people here. I just heard about NNAS and immediately signed up and finished my payment. Unfortunately, I need to take IELTS/CELBAN that’s how I landed on this forum. I have already taken IELTS GT back home and got 8 in reading, 7,5 in listening and speaking, and 6.5 in writing. I don’t want to risk and have my papers delayed by failing the ACAD so I’m planning on taking CELBAN… What should I do? Your comments are so positive it keeps everybody’s hopes up. Thank you. JR

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♪♪ Strained Achiever: due to the limitation of safe practice period i had to take this decision [to take my CELBAN in one month]

hii kim,
 i buked my celban fr 22nd april, my previous celban score is W7 S7 R9 L8, n my recent ilets score is L8.5 R8 S 6.5 n W6. i need some tips for preparation and your guidance….i understand your concern [about taking my exam for the second time in one month] but due to the limitation of safe practice period i had to take this decision. i know its short time but for the time i will be 24/7 available for study. definately i will be investing in my studies i just need your guidance.

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♪♪ The release of the CELBAN Trap through the IEPC Bookstore on the Cloud could not come at a better time!

Dear Friends, Answering emails this past month has been both inspiring and deflating. I just replied to another email from an IEN and my heart is breaking. Like so many of you she is under pressure. She has chosen an exam date in one month, it is her second time taking the CELBAN, and her safe practice is expiring. I raise my hands. I shake my head. Tears threaten to escape. Continue reading