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πŸŒ·β–Ί I failed to make the CELBAN grade in one area. I was very disappointed. My weakness is timing.

Update 2021

Hi Kim,

I think it is time to introduce myself. Maybe, you are wondering who I am. My name you know already. I come from Germany and I have been in Canada. I have been in my profession as a RN and head nurse in the surgical unit for 25 years. I came to Canada without any English knowledge, so I started my first English classes at the ESL for newcomers. After ESL I went to the college and attended three semesters as well. I wrote my first CELBAN test without any success, the second test I wrote was the same I failed to make the grade in one area. I was very disappointed. My scores at this time were writing 6, reading 7, listening 9 and speaking 7.

In the last year I studied by myself and did some different practise tests, reading, etc., online to improve my English skills. I think my English has improved, but I do not feel comfortable yet. I hope the CELBAN prep guide will help me and it is that what I am looking for.

I know my weaknesses and it is always difficult with time constraint. Besides studying at home I work in the medical field as a HCA. The contact with residents and LPN helps; in conversations and I am not so far away from that what I used to be.

I am looking forward to hear from you, perhaps with advice.

Take care I.

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How many CELBAN sample test am I going to receive

Updated 2021

I subcribe for CELBANPrep. may i know how many [CELBAN] sample test am i going to receive. 
Thank you very much.


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