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PART II: hi kim, is everything okay?

Dear IEN,

Back in November I posted several blogs about the passing of my 17 year old daughter.

ยทย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  hi kim, is everythingย okay?
ยทย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  I hope and pray that youโ€™ll recover soon for us. We needย you.
ยทย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Iโ€™m quite hesitant to email you: is this the right time to purchase the writingย module?

Although this was personal information I was sharing publicly, I did this for several reasons:

  • Life is about struggles and challenges, and the only way we can get through them is together.
  • I knew that I needed the prayers of all the IENs I had come to know, for I had felt their prayers on my behalf repeatedly in the past.
  • Here I had been providing hope and encouragement and I had come to a place and time when I sorely needed it myself.
  • For all those people who questioned, โ€œIs there really a Kim?โ€, or if all of this was a scam. The comments from caring and concerned IENs are certain to convince anyone of my existence and the loyalty of those who have allowed me to walk with them along their individual paths towards their common dream.

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