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Help me to take clinical course at an university

Hello Kim,

Thank you for the message.
I am a Japanese, and have been here for almost 3 years….
I have been working at a … facility as an RN since last July. Registration process was completed with IELTS scores…Β  Right now I am trying to get a job at a hospital. CELBAN scores help me to take clinical course at an university, therefore I have decided to take CELBAN test which I have never taken.

That is some of my information. I really appreciate to receive the Study Guide and Practice Exams from you.
Without your help I do not know what to prepare for CELBAN.
Since CRNBC has altered English tests to accept and increased the English scores, a large number of people started taking CELBAN test. However, the frequency of the exam dates has not be changed.
I probably write the exam this autumn. Are you aware of current situation regarding CELBAN exam?

Thank you so much.K

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