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CRNNS: Enhanced IEN Application Process

Dear Friends,

If you read the post CRNBC: New application process for Internationally Educated Nurses posted on Monday, then you saw an excellent graphic explaining the licensure process to become an RN in BC. There I wrote about how the steps for NNAS are universal, but the steps for each provincial college is different. On Tuesday I wrote about the Criteria for Registration and Licensure for IENs in Nova Scotia. In this post it is clearly evident that the provincial registration processes have been legislated by law: provincial not federal law. Today I will be sharing the Enhanced IEN Application Process from CRNNS in Nova Scotia. The CRNNS, like the CRNBC, has provided a graphic that transparently outlines the process of becoming a nurse in Nova Scotia.

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Is Academic IELTS still a requirement?

We all know that Nursing is a regulated occupation in Canada. We need to be registered first in theprovince of our choice and sit and pass the CRNE for us to be eligible to work in our profession. My question is…should an international educated nurse who has already granted PR card still requires to sit for Academic IELTS to meet the requirement for registration?

Nevertheless, I am planning to take CRNE comes June 2011 as I’m very much worried of my IELTS that will expire by February 2012 and I have to provide another IELTS to the College should I am unable to pass the CRNE before expiration. And mind you, the College had even increased their Ielts bands requirement per module last Jan. 11,2011 that adds to the stress.
And this is the reason why I wanted to know whether IELTS will no longer be a requirement for registration.

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