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📋1G* – I am from Philippines currently working as caregiver … I wanted to try CELBAN but I am scared … I am not working in the hospital now for three and half (3 1/2) years

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,

Honestly, I am comfused to what english test to take, I was reading about Ielts but I found difficult. I wanted to try CELBAN but I am scared because I don’t have the idea how is the exam is going to be, yes i know, there will be listening, reading, writing and speaking, but I am still wondering how is it going to be done in CELBAN. I have tried IELTS (general) before But I was not satisfied about my score, it was low, its was really bad and frustrating.
As when I was viewing all your videos (Dear Kim Canada – YouTube) I’ve heard that there will be role playing , and thats make me scared even more because I am not working in the hospital now for three and half (3 1/2) years, I can feel now as I do not know anything anymore in nursing, like nursing terms and all and so with the writing I am so slow, I practise, I try to write but everytime I read my out its so frustating because its just like it was done by grade 3or grade 5 student… I’m screwed!
By the way, I forgot to introduce my self, I am G from Philippines currently working as caregiver and soon to have an open permit, hopefully it will go smoothly.  (I’m working on my papers now). I am planning to complete my english exam within this year, I wanted to be a Licensed practical nurse first then hopefully I can proceed to a Registered Nurse someday if God’s permit.
Thank you…please help me. G

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HOPE !! I passed the CELBAN on my 1st try

Dear Kim,

Thank you for updating us KIM, sorry that I was not able to get back to you. i am happy to inform you that I passed the CELBAN on my 1st try last March 30, 2014. Thank you for all the help, inspiration and guidance along the way of my studying. So I am doing my assessment now with CLPNBC and CRNBC. Hoping for the best. Goodluck to all and never loose hope, loosers are those who just giving up easily. God bless to all!!!! Cheers!!!!!
Sincerely yours,

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I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN before.

Hi Kim!
Im good! Thanks! How are you?  I am working as a live-in caregiver.
I am from the Philippines. I’ve been here for almost a year and 10 months. I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN before.
I’ve read some of the letters from your ‘Dear Kim’ and I kinda relate myself to some of them though I haven’t taken any exams yet but being clueless is. And I got excited with how you’re able to helped them passed! 🙂 Im planning to take CELBAN hopefully last quarter of this year that’s why Im really eager to start reviewing. Hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks for responding! 🙂
P.S. Pardon my grammar.

♥ I keep procastinating if i will go back to be a nurse again

Dear Kim,
I been here in Canada since November 2005.I’ve been working as a caregiver when i came here.I keep procastinating if i will go back to be a nurse again since i did’nt practice when i left my native country Philippines. I worked iin Tiawan as assistant nurse for 5 years  at Psychiatric hospital and Nursing home.But i practiced my Rn degree way back home for almost 3 years.I wish to came back to my profession but i don’t know how. I try to take IELTS But it doesn’t worked for me i got a low score for every subject. Its my foult anyway because i didn’t practiced before i take it.But know i realy want and eager to be on my profession.Wishing this will be the way to be a nurse in Canada. Thank you for your program and hope it will work for me. Have a nice day…..
Respectfully yours;

♥ This decision was hard to make…

Dear Kim,

Thank you very much for your help. Yes, being a new Immigrant was not easy for us, especially we don’t have any relatives here to assist and guide us on our journey. I am very grateful that most of the people here are very warming and helpful (like you). I am experiencing that what you called homesick.  I already have my Hospital Experience for 5 months but not as a Staff Nurse. In the Philippines many nurses have no jobs because most of the hospitals do not want to hire nurses even they have shortage of staff. I become a Volunteer Nurse because I passed the exams they have given me an I don’t pay anything. It’s very sad because nurses need to pay in order to have hospital experiences. You serve patients in the hospital not being paid, instead you will pay the hospital to serve the patients.

I am currently working in a fast food chain here as food counter attendant in order to save some money so that I can purchase your exam prep. First I find it very hard because being a nurse is different from a fast food crew. I am planning to have part time job and review thru online. Today, I am deciding to quit because of my co workers. This decision was so hard to make. I want to help my family in our expenses. The cost of living here is expensive including the tax and we are just renting in an apartment. My mom is a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines and sadly most of her credentials are not credited but there are certain programs for immigrants that assist her like Skills Connect that will help her in bridging program. There are many job opportunities for my mom but it’s hard to have one because she need to make more studies. Like what my mom said, I’m still young I have lots of opportunities so why don’t challenge the exam now.

I will be still looking for part time jobs. We have friends here who will help us and I know with the help of God we can survive. I’m just afraid to take the English exams but with your help I am enlightened to take it.


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Becoming an LPN in Canada

> hello, i am a license practical nurse here in USA, on my first course when i was in college i took french language class of 12 units and i passed it. as an LPN who wants to work in Canada, do you think i need to take the CELBAN test and if i need it is there a testing center here? thank you so much. God bless.

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