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2G* I need resources to prepare for the SEC

Updated 2021

Dear Kim :

thank you for the time you and effort you spend assisting nurses, i have few questions am an RN in my country(jordan) for the past 17 years and a Canadian immigrant am due to set for my SEC assessment on the 23/24th July, in medical surgical…. on the other hand am a bit lost on what resources to use preparing for the OSCE, TJ and CJ.
I have books and am using the website but its one set of examples every time i search, can you guide me please :)

thank you again,

hope to hear from you soon,

kind regards,


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Please tell me what to do

How are you doing! I am totally depend on knowledge whatever you are providing to me. Mam you know me well as i told you earlier everthing regarding myself and my suitations.Here i want to have a personal suggestion from you, what sould i do right know, i would like to go as you will guide me as i think you are more exprienced to me. Please show me the way and i would like to tell that i gave ielts in march . Now here i am ready to do work hard but not having guidelines and support. please tell me what should i do .Thanks to listen me so patiently.
Yours Sincerly, S

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