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♥ Still I’m afraid to go for this new [CELBAN] exam… i have to appear in CRNE for the second time …i failed in the first attempt

Dear Sir
I’m ok.It is nice in toronto but life is very tough here I dont know
how am I gonna survive.

I’m from Pakistan.
I just landed here on 19th May 2013 and yes this is my first stop.I
have done IELTS in 2010 with a band of total 7  ,Listening 7.5,Reading
7.5,writing 6.5 and speaking 6.5.
This is my first time to appear for CELBAN.
My reason for doing CELBAN is that i have to appear in CRNE for the
second time which i failed in the first attempt with very few marks.

Secondly, although I have studied from
the top university of Pakistan in the field of nursing but still I’m
afraid to go for this new exam.

Thanks a lot for your moral support and cooperation .


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♥ Why don’t you share this remarkable story with everyone on “Dear Kim”?

Dear Kim,

In nursing, I have heard so many devastating stories, but Sabrina’s story is one of the most remarkable. I have no imagination to encompass the tragedy of a 13 year old girl death from anaphylaxis. It is beyond my emotions to read that Sabrina’s mother was unable to save her own child in spite of all her safety precautions, but she has made difference for other allergic children across Canada and the USA.

Kim, you are very right, nothing is more crucial for life threating allergies as immediate injection of epinephrine. Sabrina’s death could be preventable.

For now I am very proud of Sabrina’s mother; she has incarnated her grief into a mission “Sabrina’s Law”.

Why don’t you share this remarkable story with everyone on “Dear Kim”? Many of us will be encounter with similar situations and all of us should know how important………


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§ Do you “deal with” people or do you “work with” people?

The following is a quote from the work of an IEN who subscribed to CELBANPrep Writing. It is part of her assignment for the CELBAN Writing Tutoring.

Working in the Operating Room is my passion because this is the field that I was introduced to and gained my experienced in as a nurse. I would also like to deal with elderly people whom I consider as individuals with special needs. With great perseverance and dedication, I will follow my ambitions not just as a goal but as a fulfillment as well.

Question: do you “deal with” people or do you “work with” people?

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2G* I need resources to prepare for the SEC

Updated 2021

Dear Kim :

thank you for the time you and effort you spend assisting nurses, i have few questions am an RN in my country(jordan) for the past 17 years and a Canadian immigrant am due to set for my SEC assessment on the 23/24th July, in medical surgical…. on the other hand am a bit lost on what resources to use preparing for the OSCE, TJ and CJ.
I have books and am using the website but its one set of examples every time i search, can you guide me please :)

thank you again,

hope to hear from you soon,

kind regards,


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♥ I am having some doubts about the process of becoming an RN

Dear Kim,
               Thank u for your response.Iam having some doubts, Could u please clarify them for me?
               Iam an Indian.I completed my Bsc nursing from 2004-2008 and got registered as an RN in India.Iam having 2 1/2 years experience in clinical side… i got married, and came to USA….Now iam 6th month Pregnant….Now iam planning to write Celban so that i can get interim permit to work,then i will complete CRNBC too.
Now i need some answers for these questions:
1) Will i get interim permit after completion of celban exam?
2) CRNBC requires 5 years of experience,but i have only 2.5 yrs of experience,but i have more than 1125 hrs of experience which was mentioned inCRNBC.what will be the other option for me to write that exam?
3)Do i really need to write SEC.Is it mandatory for all ?Who all will be asked to write the SEC exam?
please kindly send answers to my questions.i think u can understand my situation,if u have any doubts regarding my information i will clarify it.
waiting for ur reply….
Regards, P