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1G* ☺ I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming …

I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this cominghi kim,

Greetings! I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming March and I wonder if I can purchase a celban book instead of e-book. As a starter, what do you recommend me to study first. I really wanted to pursue my career here as a nurse in BC and I believe that if I pass the CELBAN exam, I will be one step closer to be an RN here in Canada. So please help me=) Thanks!

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1G* Do i need to have kindle to access the resources for [CELBANPrep] Reading and Listening Complete Series

1G Do i need to have kindle to access the resources for CELBANPrep Reading and Listening Complete Series
… One more question Kim, Do i need to have kindle to access the resources for reading and listening complete? or can i use my iphone?

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!! Because of your guidance I did [the CELBAN] and got admission.


 first I would like to thank you for great help of me as you have sent me the study guide and practice exams. this gave me the idea of what I can expect in the exam,
 the  2 nd thing is that 2 weeks ago I came to know that I have to clear CELBAN exam for entrance to bridging programme for IEN. at that time I started to look for resources. so it was you who guided me. but 1 week go I came to know that the test is ICELBAN.  so because of your guidance I did it and got admission.
thank u so much again for your kind help.

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♪♪ I was thinking of not taking my CELBAN … after I read your advice

Hi Kim!  I am a registered nurse form the Philippines. Me and my family have been living here in Canada for almost 5 years since we arrived in September of 2009. And yes, Winnipeg is our first stop. We are currently residing here in Winnipeg and we haven’t lived anywhere else in Canada. In additon to this, I just got my license as registered from the Philippines last August of 2013 and am currently working on my english proficiency. On the other hand, I have a CLB score of L: 9 R: 9 S: 9, and 8 on writing.
Actually, I have already purchased your Celban preparation on Reading and Listening for $ 49 + taxes. And I think it is helping me a lot. However, my schedule for CELBAN will be on  May 21st and 22nd of 2014. So, it’s next week!  I was thinking of not taking my CELBAN on the said date after I read your advice from other people. However, I can not reschedule my assessment for CELBAN because they can not give me the refund of $ 375 assessment fee since my schedule for CELBAN is due in less than a week. For now, I’m doing the best I can in order to prepare for my upcoming CELBAN. I’m very positive that I will achieve the scores that I’m required to get. If ever I don’t pass, I will take it as an expereince and I will make sure that I’m prepared and confident the next time I will take the CELBAN – of course, with your help. Thank you very much Kim for helping us “New Canadians” achieve our goal in a smooth way.

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I purchased the CELBANprep Reading Sample Tests Book One, and I find it really interesting, giving me high hopes

Hi Kim,

Good day, and more power to an angel like you who sincerely support IENs like me. On the other hand, I did accessed your CELBANprep to have a tour on that link and its amazing, and to satisfy my interest with your online CELBAN material, I purchased the CELBANprep reading booklet 1, and I find it really interesting, giving me high hopes that I am in the right track towards my goal. I am planning to buy more of your online materials and I am taking it one step at a time. Again, thank you for being a great motivator and inspiration for IENs who are pursuing their dreams. M

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♫ Thank you for the [CELBAN] reading and listening prep

Hello Kim,

I hope everything is going great for you.

I want to tell you thank you for the reading and listening prep course.
It has been so helpful for me.

Thank you, LM

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How long does it take for me to be prepare for this [CELBAN] exam?

Dear Kim I am an international nurse from Iran. I am living in Toronto now. I have passed my RN exam one year ago and from January 2012 I have spent a huge amount of time and money for IELTS prep course. After three times attending IELTS exam, I got overall 6.5(speaking:7, reading:6.5, listening:6 and writing:6) which was not acceptable for CNO. I feel upset, because based on their new regulation I need a higher score. On the one hand, I know that IELTS exam is so hard,on the other hand I am not familliar with celban. I dont know how long does it take for me to be prepare for this exam? There is only one exam location in ontario( Hamilton) which both of thier exam dates have been fulled. please help me to make the best descision in order to be registered as soon as possible.please tell me what should I do? Best Regard R

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How many sample test am I going to receive

I subcribe for CELBANPrep Reading Sample Tests I and Listening Sample Test I may i know how many sample test am i going to receive. I just one email.
Thank you very much.


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♥ I am so worry about my reading

Dear Kim,

My big problem is reading. I took one CELBAN test …  and i took CLBA test too. Both results were for reading 6. I need 8. I am so worry about my reading. I need to do lots of exercise I think. At CELBAN test I was ok with paragraph ,but i was not well for fill in blanks. I mean i did lots of mistakes for fill in the blanks. M

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♥ Taking the Exam Too Soon

thanx for response. i appeared after 15 days of my arrival may i was not stable and lost my concentration.i want to get some coaching. P.

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