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► I want to take celban … and taking care for my two kids … i can’t go outside [to take a class]

DEAR KIM,                                                                                                                      Hi now i am telling you little bit about myself…. i am from India.I passed my GNM Nsg diploma from india.I came canada in sept 2003 and my 2003 to 2010 period is struggal period in canada.I passed my RPN exam in 2010 and i am married that time and i have one baby boy thats why i have no time to do my english test.After three years now i have another baby girl 3 month old.Now i am lived in montreal Qc with my family.I want to pass celban and i want be a nurse in canada.I never take any test like celban or ilets in my past.

Now i want to take celban with your help and taking care for my two kids by myself. Please help me because i can’t go outside for classes.kim can you tell me about yourself or where are you.                                                                                   Thank you for your help and kindness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   yours faithfully,  p

Dear P.

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CELBANPrep in Quebec ~ We are moving to Alberta

Hi, Kim,
Glad to receive the letter from you.
Let me introduce myself. I came originally from China about twenty years ago with my parents. We landed in Montreal, Quebec. I have never lived anywhere else since I came to Canada. I received my nursing degree in French here in Quebec. Then I started to work in a bilingual hospital as a registered nurse right after graduation. Currently, I’m still working in the same hospital and accumulated 9 years of experience as RN. My English skill was at a beginner level when I started to work and was improved over time through my work. However, I was never tested for my English skill. Recently, my husband got an opportunity to work in Alberta and I plan to move there with him. In order to be a registered nurse in Alberta, I need to pass an English proficiency test. This is actually the first time I heard about CELBAN. I want to be well prepared before writing this exam. I think my main weaknesses are writing and speaking, I wish that I will be able to pass the exam under your guidance.

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