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🌷 #3 Which Engish test: IELTS or CELBAN?

Updated 2023

Dear Miss Kim

…the only thing missing to complete my requirements is the english test. thats my priority now to take the english test, im scared coz my english is not good enough, especially my diction, i need to study and practice, i dont know which test will i take. thats my concern for now.  – H

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Β§ Finally I have received a source for help!

Dear kim,

Delightfully i have spent more than an hour to satisfy myself by reviewing the above posted comments and i must say β€œfinally” i have recieved a source for help:)
I’m recent graduate IEN residing in toronto, waiting for my evaluation from CNO. According to recent changes in language fluency requirement i have set up my mind to take either IELTS or CELBAN exam, what would you suggest me the easiest option to achieve the required score.
looking forward to recieve guidance from you.

Thank You.

Mrs. Ali

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Please tell me what to do

How are you doing! I am totally depend on knowledge whatever you are providing to me. Mam you know me well as i told you earlier everthing regarding myself and my suitations.Here i want to have a personal suggestion from you, what sould i do right know, i would like to go as you will guide me as i think you are more exprienced to me. Please show me the way and i would like to tell that i gave ielts in march . Now here i am ready to do work hard but not having guidelines and support. please tell me what should i do .Thanks to listen me so patiently.
Yours Sincerly, S

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