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β–Ί I feel like I am wasting my time … just waiting for the CELBAN news

NOTE: Although this message was written during the changes in national administrator of the CELBAN it may still apply, if you are waiting for an available seat for the exam.
Dear Kim,
My name is Z and I’m from Manitoba. Β I have been waiting desperately for the news of the upcoming CELBAN schedules since CELAS centre no longer exist. I have been informed before by CELAS of my exam dates last summer but I guess it didnt push through because of the recent changes and the money that I paid didn’t reflect in my bank statement so I guess no.
I am writing to you because I need to enroll in writing classes or writing course you got there. Β I really dont know what to take. All I want is someone to check in my work specifically in writing because I cant seem to get it right. Β I have taken the iCelban exam at the MNU twiceΒ and my results with listening are 10 and reading are 8,9 but with writing I can’t seem to get it even at 7. I always get 6 on both the iCelban exams. Β I didnt have the chance to take the speaking test because I don’t a a specific date yet.
So, I need your help in my writing. Β I need someone to check what I have done and give me feedbacks Β Also money wise it’s a little expensive hope you have some discount ? πŸ˜‰
Also, I’m working full-time but on shifts. I work two weeks days, two weeks nights and alternate after that. Β I am really determined to learn. Β I feel like I am wasting my time which I am just waiting for the CELBAN news to come up. Β So, here I am thinking on enrolling in writing course. Β Will there be an coach to give me feedbacks? will I be able to see my work? Β How is it gonna work? Β ( too many question) tsk…
Hope to hear from you soon. Good day! Z

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