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What can you recommend as the best bundle … for celban that i can purchase?

Updated 2021

Hi! What can you recommend as the best bundle package reviewer for celban that i can purchase?


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When should I take my CELBAN exam? Do you think the CELAS center will give me…

Hi Kim,
I just purchased your CELBAN Prep Study Guide and Sample Test Bundle and this is my first reviewer for CELBAN. I want to register for the CELBAN on march 2013, but the speaking is full. They still have more schedules for January but I’m not yet ready, so I decided to register for March. If I write March 2013 as my first choice and April 2013 as my second, though they don’t have schedule for April yet, do you think the CELAS center will give me either of this date? Thank you very much.


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Β§ Finally I have received a source for help!

Dear kim,

Delightfully i have spent more than an hour to satisfy myself by reviewing the above posted comments and i must say β€œfinally” i have recieved a source for help:)
I’m recent graduate IEN residing in toronto, waiting for my evaluation from CNO. According to recent changes in language fluency requirement i have set up my mind to take either IELTS or CELBAN exam, what would you suggest me the easiest option to achieve the required score.
looking forward to recieve guidance from you.

Thank You.

Mrs. Ali

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Help me to take clinical course at an university

Hello Kim,

Thank you for the message.
I am a Japanese, and have been here for almost 3 years….
I have been working at a … facility as an RN since last July. Registration process was completed with IELTS scores…Β  Right now I am trying to get a job at a hospital. CELBAN scores help me to take clinical course at an university, therefore I have decided to take CELBAN test which I have never taken.

That is some of my information. I really appreciate to receive the Study Guide and Practice Exams from you.
Without your help I do not know what to prepare for CELBAN.
Since CRNBC has altered English tests to accept and increased the English scores, a large number of people started taking CELBAN test. However, the frequency of the exam dates has not be changed.
I probably write the exam this autumn. Are you aware of current situation regarding CELBAN exam?

Thank you so much.K

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I already took the test yesterday. The [CELBAN Speaking] role playing was the same …

Updated 2021

Hi Kim,
I already took the test yesterday. The role playing was the same as the one you taught us. However, the discharge instruction portion is very much simplified … So, if all those who will take the test tried practicing [your] instructions – they would probably just do fine. There’s no time limit at all. After the role playing, they asked me to compare … I thought that’s the end of the task. However, there were some follow up questions. I am just hoping for the best. Thanks Kim. =) J.