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I am only gonna be free to attend [CELBANPrep] on weekends


Thanks so much for your inspiring word… Indeed staying here and trying to male it through the tough times isn’t easy… And am so grateful that you’re there to aid us out. As a start I wanna ask where I could go and attend the review class for CELBAN? And what available achedules will there be… as am only gonna be free to attend it on weekends…. thanks so much… J

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Are the CELBANPrep courses and resources interactive or on static websites?

Hi there,

I have a quick question regarding your courses. So are the courses all online or through the internet?

I know some classes are online but I am not sure. Because I am located in Surrey, BC and would like to know if you have any locations for classes here.

Thank you for your time.

Cheers, S

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β™₯ A Million Thanks to You

Hi Kim,
Hi this is V and I’m so glad that I got the result of my exam last week…and my review was all worth it! Thanks so much for the support and for calling me to practice the speaking. A million thanks to you. God Bless.