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πŸ“± #13 How much of study time do i need before taking the celban exams?

Updated 2023

i would like to purchase the books for reading , writing, listening, and speaking celban. how much will it all cost in total. please inform me asap.
and where can i purchase it from what are the dates for celban exams.
i am locatedin halifax
and how long it the celban exams for?
how much of study time do i need in total before taking the actual celban exams??
regards, R

🌷 2G* ☺ I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming …

Updated 2021

hi kim,

Greetings! I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming March and I wonder if I can purchase a celban book instead of e-book. As a starter, what do you recommend me to study first. I really wanted to pursue my career here as a nurse in BC and I believe that if I pass the CELBAN exam, I will be one step closer to be an RN here in Canada. So please help me=) Thanks!

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🌷 #2 How do I get a 9 or 10 in CELBAN Listening?

Updated 2023

Hi kim. Can i ask you a question?
I would like to ask about the listening scoring System. In an 84 items listening What score range belongs to a perfect score of 10,9,8 and 7 please. …?thanks. Hope you Can answer me with this. R

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🌷 #3 Which Engish test: IELTS or CELBAN?

Updated 2023

Dear Miss Kim

…the only thing missing to complete my requirements is the english test. thats my priority now to take the english test, im scared coz my english is not good enough, especially my diction, i need to study and practice, i dont know which test will i take. thats my concern for now.  – H

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So far I found it complicated to find a book to study Celban

HI There
My name is W.
I am a new comer to Canada. I am interested to study Celban. to be honest after many dispute with my wife I decided to ask you about Celban study.
So far I found it complicated to find a book to study Celban ,would you please tell me how to start studding celban because I don’t want to jeopardize my International educated nurse
I found it would be easy for me if I communicate with some one through my phone…
I appreciate your cooperation
Hope to hear from you soon
Regards W.

7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN ~ live webinar

Dear Friend,

Last year I decided to create a blog posting messages I sent to people in reply to questions they asked. After a few months I realized there are 7 questions I get asked all the time!

  1. Should I take the CELBAN or the IELTS?
  2. How do I get a 10 on CELBAN Listening
  3. Should I take the CELBAN Exam now?
  4. Why take CELBAN Exam Preparation?
  5. Why do people fail the CELBAN?
  6. Why do I need to Practice for the CELBAN?
  7. When can I start preparing for the CELBAN?

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