A. CELBAN Reviewer

Updated 2021

Since the beginning of time, back in 2009, when I, Kim Kara, started creating resources for Internationally Educated Health Professionals preparing for the CELBAN exam, nothing was available. I worked for an employment centre. My nurses would come to me asking for books to prepare for the CELBAN and there were none. So, I got a second contract and started creating CELBAN preparation material.

It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t enough just to create a book or to create a website.


I had to create so much more; I needed to create so many different things:

  • CELBAN online courses: textbooks, workbooks, lesson plans, and the like.
  • CELBAN online classes: small groups that get together on a regular basis to practice skills taught during the online courses.
  • CELBAN material: quizzes, handouts, assigments to practice skills required to pass the CELBAN.
  • CELBAN reviewers: e-books, websites, blog posts, Facebook updates that expose IENs to the format and structure – expectations – of the CELBAN.
  • CELBAN intensives: CELBAN online courses, classes and material that helps people to decrease the amount of time it takes to prepare for the CELBAN.

It took time, but now CELBANPrep University has the most extensive library of resouces available to you, at various price points, to assist you in preparing for the CELBAN no matter where you are in the world!


Since the beginning of time, back in 2009, I started preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for the CELBAN exam.

I started with 6 nurses in a library at the employment agency I was working at. I created the lessons, and I saw them struggle.

  • They didn’t know where to start for the writing task.
  • They didn’t know how to organize their thinking.
  • They didn’t know how to manage their time.

That is why I created CELBANPrep Writing Level One, encouraging IENs to write about their life, their family, their experiences. What was wonderful was that with the changes to CELBAN Writing in 2018, I had already created a CELBAN online course for Writing Task 1: CELBANPrep Writing Level One!

So, if you are wondering if CELBANPrep Writing is still relevant with the changes to CELBAN Writing in 2018: the answer is a resounding, “YES!”

CELBANPrep Writing Level One teaches you skills:

  • you can apply to any exam including the CELBAN, the IELTS, the CELPIP (for Immigration).
  • you can apply to both tasks including CELBAN Writing Task 1 and Task 2.
  • that will impact your career as a whole: not just help you prepare for the exam!

Learn more about how to prepare for CELBAN Writing through CELBANPrep University! 

“How do I increase my score in CELBAN Writing and Speaking?”

Increasing your score for writing and speaking and reading, for the CELBAN, the IELTS and the CELPIP all begin with identifying your weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

Having taught hundreds, even thousands, of Internationally Educated Nurses to prepare for the CELBAN since 2009, something became apparent. There were five main weaknesses in the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of IENs. They are:

Being aware of what was happening for so many people, I decided to create CELBAN material to address each of these five skills. I created:

  • CELBAN intensives: individual courses, one for each weakness. So if Sandeep had to increase his skills and competencies with punctuation and sentence structure he could do that. And it Mary needed to focus on agreement errors she could do that by studying nouns and articles, and verbs and verbals before putting them to together to understand why she kept making errors with agreement. In this way this CELBAN preparation material is learner-centered: just like the CELBAN!
  • CELBAN online courses: each intensive includes a workbooks, lesson plans, and assignments available internationally through Amazon. Teaching and learning videos, available through CELBANPrep University, supplement the learning process.
  • CELBAN online classes: small groups that get together on a regular basis to practice identifying errors, using the triage, and correcting mistakes.
  • CELBAN material: quizzes, handouts, assigments to practice skills required for CELBAN reading, CELBAN writing, and CELBAN speaking.

Learn about the CELBAN Grammar Essentials available internationally through Amazon. Save time! Prepare now! Prepare well!

Where do I start?

I get this question alot. Because CELBANPrep was created in 2009, and I have continued to create CELBAN online courses, CELBAN online classes, CELBAN material and CELBAN reviewers this question comes up often for Internationally Educated Nurses choosing to prepare for the CELBAN through CELBANPrep.

Save both time and money:

Learn more about How to Prepare For The CELBAN.

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