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CT4 THE DISILLUSIONED DREAMER – ♥ I am here for you, what I really want to know is: are you here for yourself?


Hello again! First of all, i want to  say thank you for all the support you have given me despite the fact that i was not able to become an active student that time. My first experience to take the CELBAN early this year still went smooth despite  my tremendous lack of self confidence and time ( as i described to you my condition before). Kim i got 8 for speaking, 10 for listening, 9 for reading…..BUT a very huge BUT only 6 for writing. The result was fine at first because i tried to console my self that i could just try LPN and not go for RN anymore for when i got my result that was the time that CLPN in our province were accepting applicants with some differences in the English assessment results. After 6 months CLPN approved me for CCA  but they still want me to update my English result. That was the time that my heart shattered because first, i tried to settle for less than what i dream to become; second was  that  the next available spot for CELBAN is March ; third, i din’t know anymore how to approach the writing  and lastly, i will have to be retested again for listening. Its just recently that i managed to forgive myself and forego of the wrong decisions that i made.  From this moment , my experience made me more matured in approaching my goal. I had learned another life lesson  and now i need  to apply it. Kim, with humility, please recommend to me any [reources] for the writing and listening that you think would be able to help me. Thank you very much for reading my letter. S

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1G* ☺ I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming …

I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this cominghi kim,

Greetings! I am planning to take my CELBAN exam this coming March and I wonder if I can purchase a celban book instead of e-book. As a starter, what do you recommend me to study first. I really wanted to pursue my career here as a nurse in BC and I believe that if I pass the CELBAN exam, I will be one step closer to be an RN here in Canada. So please help me=) Thanks!

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2G* § How would you correct this sentence?

HOW Would you

This comes from a posted assignment, for the CELBANPrep Writing Level Two How would you correct it?

On July 19th at 20:30H, at St. Matthews Hospital, Kim Sapno, 14 year old girl admitted in emergency room accompanied by her mother. She had a complained of right lower abdominal pain.

Try rewriting these sentences before you click on read more to see some of my suggestions. Which do you prefer and why?

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2G* How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

How to Create an Outline for an Incident Report in 5 minutes for CELBAN Writing

65 year old male patient found on the floor by the elevator with IV pole.


  • 65 year old male patient found on the floor by the elevator with IV pole.
  • IV dislodged, a pool of blood found on the floor from IV site.
  • A loud noise.
  • No smell.


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6G*☺ You always makes me feel more confident and less stressful

Here is an example of an incident report written by a subscriber to CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. (She used CELBANPrep Writing One, and accessed Writing Coaching.)  This is the result after several revisions. What follows is a discussion between me and the IEN who wrote the report.

Here is an example of an incident report...

Incident: 75 year old man found on the floor

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HOPE !! got my CELBAN result letter…L-10/10, R- 10/10, S- 9/10, W- 7…it was just dream come true

Dear Kim,
         Yesterday I came back from India….reached home at 12.30 am and first thing I did was….checked my mail box…got my CELBAN result letter… heart was beating very fast,my husband opened the letter for me and the result was WOW…….L-10/10, R- 10/10, S- 9/10, W- 7. I was just stunned…it was just dream come true…I called my family back in India and gave them the great news. Everybody is very happy and proud of me. I am grateful to God for his blessings and my family for their support. I am very thankful to u as without your guidance nothing was possible. Your guidance, support and trust helped me to stay positive and perform well in exam. I really appreciate your efforts for helping me in WRITING.
You are like an angle for IENs like me. Your voice is so miraculous that it always helped me to have trust in myself and do my best in that crucial time.I had a very short time with u but it was really a great experience….LOVE U…..GOD BLESS U…..

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☺ Why do I have to do CELBANPrep Level One?

Dear Miss Kim,

Why do I have to take CELBANPrep Level One. I just need to take Level Two to learn how to write a reports.


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☺ My [CELBAN] result will expire this April…

Hi Kim,

Good day to you.

How are you? It’s R from … Alberta. I just want to ask if you have any review materials on sale right now, please let me know. I need the writing, reading & listening review materials if you have. I am planning to take the Celban this yr. hopefully this June. My result will expire this April and I need to submit a new one for Carna.

Hope to hear from you Kim.

Respectfully yours,


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☺ I also took IELTS a lot of times … I have no luck in passing it. Now, I wanted to try CELBAN …

Hello Kim,

Thank you.  I am okay and Winnipeg is a nice place to live in.  People here are friendly and very helpful.  I moved here last March of 2011 from the Philippines. I have taken the CLB in 2011 and my scores were: listening=6, speaking=7, reading=7, writing=6.  Then, I also took IELTS a lot of times and it seems like I have no luck in passing it.  Almost everyone at work would tell me that my English is great but I don’t know why I cannot surpass that exam.  My grades in IELTS were:

  • in JULY 2011 (listening:7.5, reading=5, writing=6.5, speaking=8);
  • in MAY 2012 (Listening=7, reading=7.5, writing=7, speaking=7);
  • in AUG 2012 (listening=7, reading=7, writing=7, speaking=7.5);
  • in DEC 2012 (listening=6.5, reading=7.5, writing=7, speaking=7).

I know that they have been saying that IELTS does not have a pass or fail grade but my scores were not enough for me to get registered in nursing or at least apply for refresher course.  I get frustrated when I get my results.  I understand why the standard is very high but I just feel hopeless when I go back and see how much effort I put into these.  Now, I wanted to try CELBAN for the first time and see how I will be able to do it.  Looking forward to finally reach my goals with your help, Kim.  Thanks again.

Have a good day,


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☺ I did CELBAN… I think I messed up with my writing..

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for your support. I did CELBAN, and I dont feel good with my performance. I think I messed up with my writing.. I had to write an incident report… I had problems with time management for that.. If I had enough time to follow your lessons, and doing corrected assignments in a proper way, I would have done very well…
I think I did well in speaking because of your big help and God’s grace. The one on one and group calling was excellent. That helped me a lot. That really works for us international nurses. I recommended CELBANPrep to two girls I met in the exam, and I will do the same whoever ask me about CELBAN, because, I am sure that, If someone use this resource accurately, they would definitely see success. I would like to continue my classes Kim. Hope we will meet again.

Regards, S

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