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☼ it feels like theres something lacking on me… these makes me sad… sometimes feeling emptiness.

Hi Kim! Sorry for taking back so long to give you a message. As far as i’ve mentioned before im working as a Live in Caregiver and got my open work permit last December 2012 now i’ve started working as an HCA … but got in my thoughts in everytime i am giving a care to the Residents i am glad & enjoying with them but at the same time feels like theres something lacking on me because i can’t function as what i am doing before as a Nurse. These makes me sad on the other part and sometimes feeling emptiness. Can you please what advise you can give me i am now ready for a Review at you for CELBAN.

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♥ Stay true to who you are!

Dear Friend,

As part of CELBANPrep Writing I ask people to submit short pieces of writing, during the tutoring, so that I can identify errors people make, so that together we can turn weaknesses into strengths. Some people write compare and contrasts in preparation for CELBAN Speaking. The following piece was so powerful, I had to share it.

We can define neighbours as, the one who lives next to your home. In India a neighbourhood plays a beneficial role in the lives of people but in Canada there is little difference. In Canada we have neighbours but they do not have much effect on  each others lives.

           In India, whether it is  happiness or sadness neighbours  are the first person who get involved into the occasion even before relatives. In Canada, no one knows what is happening next door. They do not get involve into others lives. Furthermore, by getting together people  share there feeling on different issues. They also share food, which they prepare at home with others. But here, people have no time to share anything neither feeling nor food. Moreover, they can  (neighbour) use each others personal vehicles also, but in case of Canada, we can not use others vehicle.
            People residing in India are emotionally attached with each other. Even their children sleeps at neighbours home. They are kind- hearted, here also people are kind hearted. But they have less time to get involve with others.