C. 10 in CELBAN Listening

To understand how to prepare for the CELBAN Listening with CELBANPrep , there are 2 important posts for you to read on Dear Kim:

* What has Happened to Civility? 

* CELBANPrep Speaking E-books will no longer be available.

Because, If you think that what you say and do does not matter, that is not true. There are links at the end of this post to teach you how to post a review. Your voice matters! You matter!

What has Happened to Civility? 

Dear Kim CELBAN - What has happened to civility

This summer has been challenging.

Sure, I have also told me:

But, this whole process got me questioning:

What has happened to Civility? >>

What does the lack of civility and the negative reviews, false claims and accusations of being/creating a scam and a fraud have to do with getting a 10 in listening on the CELBAN?

CELBANPrep Speaking E-books will no longer be available.

In August I read this review on Amazon, and it broke me. You can hear my frustration and anger that caused me to stop selling the Kindle Interactive E-books on Amazon.

You win, Orathai! 
Because of your ignorance and inability to read instructions and the information provided in the descriptions and the FREE CELBANPrep User Guides, CELBANPrep E-books for reading, listening and speaking will no longer be available. 

I am sick and tired of people making false claims about me and what I have created. For 10 years I taught CELBANPrep courses to hundreds of Internationally Educated Nurses from around the world and across Canada. You can read their e-mails, comments, questions and testimonials at http://www.Dear-Kim.com. They invested in themselves so that they could advance their careers. Why? Because 10 years ago there were NO RESOURCES available for the CELBAN. 

CELBANPrep Speaking E-books will no longer be available . >>

If you think that what you say and do does not matter, that is not true.

CELBANPrep has always been grassroots, receiving feedback from Internationally Educated Nurses about what I created and how to improve it is what made CELBANPrep so very effective!

I am always open to learn about your experience, and if you had difficulties, finding a way to resolve them: together.

But false accusations and claims of being a fraud, or a scam, hurt people. They damage reputations. They hurt people, businesses and organizations that have a true intent. Most of all they hurt your “brothers and sisters” who are in the same boat as you are: preparing to be licensed professionals in Canada.

When you look around and see how much and what I have created over ten years: how on earth can anyone claim that to be a scam or fraud?

You matter. What you say matters. What you write matters. You get to choose. Are you going to build and create with your words and actions, or are you going to destroy?

If you have used or read any of the CELBANPrep material, please write a review. If you don’t Speak Up, the voices of those who have slandered CELBANPrep will be heard over YOUR Silence!

There are several places you can write a review: on Facebook, on Amazon, on GoodReads, on Google, and here on Dear Kim.

If you don’t know how, check out this post: How can I help you verify the authenticity of your [CELBANPrep] books?. Thank you.