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CELBANPrep is now available as Kindle Print Replicas through Amazon. There are several titles available:

There are additional resources that are for every and any exam you take including the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials.

CELBAN Prep available in 100 Countries

With the Kindle App, each can be accessed on various devices: smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops; and, are Available in 100 Countries!!!

Mind you, each device comes with it’s own limitations.

The graphic below, of the Kindle Print Replica Technical Requirements and Limitations is an important page to read and study when you purchase your CELBANPrep resources from Amazon. Again and again I get e-mails from people who do not do so. Take the message below:

Dear Kim,
I want to ask how to access the CELBANPrep Listening book. I just purchased it few days ago and I’m confused where to begin. I clicked some videos and some of it are not working. Please help me through your book.

When you review the requirements of the devices you are using, you will discover what the limitations are; this is not due to any problem with CELBANPrep but the limitations of your device. As noted, you may need to use certain devices as “read-only” and others to access the videos. Best practice, for these reasons, is to access your CELBANPrep Print Replica, from a laptop or desktop.

In addition, because it was not possible to have printable documents included in the Print Replica e-books, for the CELBANPrep Complete Series (Reading and Listening) you will also be required to pay a nominal fee for a membership to access the printable downloadable test and answer booklets @ www.CELBANPrep.info.

Please, before you send me an e-mail telling me you can not access the videos: read and follow the instructions! IENs fail the CELBAN exam for not doing so!


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Requirements Page

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Updates Are Available for Purchases Made Before March 2018


What Is So Special About the CELBANPrep Text Books?

For one, it is important to shift your expectations for CELBANPrep based on other resources created by Cambridge University Press etc for the IELTS, for example. These books provide sample tests: lots of them.

In teaching people that the way to pass an exam is through memorization, these books create the false belief that if you keep retaking tests you will eventually get the score you are seeking!

This is not so for the CELBAN.

The CELBAN is the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses. As such it is:

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