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When should I register with the [National Nursing Assessment Services]?

Updated 2023 Dear Kim, Thank you for letting us know about the national nurse assessment services. I want to be a nurse in Canada. When should I register with the NNAS? M

When should I take CELBANPrep; are you still deciding?

Hi Kim.. I’ve been worried about how the test set up would be if I take my second try.. Do they give same questions in writing listening and reading as what I had in my first try? Q.

When should I take my CELBAN exam? Do you think the CELAS center will give me…

Hi Kim, I just purchased your CELBAN Prep Study Guide and Sample Test Bundle and this is my first reviewer for CELBAN. I want to register for the CELBAN on march 2013, but the speaking is full. They still have … Continue reading

CoI Now i am little confused: should I get coaching or should I do preparation [for the CELBAN] myself.

Hi Kim. I am good. actually i performed exam one time, and i got scores as below: Reading 9 listening Speaking 7 Writing 6 so now i am little confused that should I get coaching or should I do preparation … Continue reading

400β–Ί πŸ€” Where do I start? What should I do [to prepare for the CELBAN]?

Updated 2021 Dear Kim, I am living in Calgary. It is my  first stop. I have been here for a year and 6 mo. I am from the Philippines. My score on the IELTS is: writing- 6.5 reading-7 speaking-8 listening … Continue reading

500 Should joint pain be singular or plural when writing a report for CELBAN Writing Task 2?

Updates 2021 Corticosteroids and antibiotics are prescribed to treat joint pain and sore throats. Hi Kim, I have a question again!! Do I need to change joint pain? It affects multiple joints. This question was asked by an IEN during her … Continue reading

600 Should headache, earache or sore throat be singular or plural when writing a report for CELBAN Writing Task 2?

Updated 2021 Dear Friend, In writing about Henoch Schonlein Purpura, an IEN with a family history with this disease wrote: Symptomes of this disease are purpuric rashes all over the body, joint pain and cold like symptoms like headache, sorethroat and earache. … Continue reading

Which should I take first: CELBANPrep Writing or Speaking?

Updated 2021 Dear Kim, Β What can you suggest for me to avail first? I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking and writing. Β  Thanks! πŸ™‚ R

When i should take [CELBANPrep] courses if i want to take CELBAN in [3-4 months]?

Hello Kim! so sorry that i didn’t write you a lot of time,i failed get the score i need in IELTS test-so pity ,i tried a lot but didn’t obtain!!!!i wanted to ask you what do you think when i … Continue reading

Should I be an LPN or RN?

Hello madam, how are you, hope of everything fine. here i have one question that one of my friend suggested me to go for LPN as in my province lpn is on more demands and its faster to come on … Continue reading