What are you currently working on? (πŸ“˜πŸ–‹οΈ)

I am thrilled to share that I am currently working on a two-part dictionary series on Medical Collocations, designed to meet the unique language needs of Internationally Educated Health Professionals.

What is a Medical Collocation?

Medical collocations are specific combinations of words that are commonly used together within the field of medicine. For example:

  • diagnose a disease
  • prescribe medication
  • perform surgery
  • treat a patient
  • monitor vital signs

These word combinations are used frequently in the field of medicine, and they often have specific meanings that are different from the individual meanings of the words themselves. Learning these medical collocations is important for international healthcare professionals to be able to effectively communicate with their patients, colleagues, and supervisors in the language of their new country. By using these collocations, they can demonstrate their language proficiency, knowledge of the medical field, and ability to communicate effectively.

What is the Value of a Medical Collocation Dictionary?

As we all know, effective communication is crucial in medical contexts, and mastering the appropriate use of collocations is an important step towards clear and precise communication. With this dictionary series, IEHPs will have access to a comprehensive resource that covers the most frequently used medical collocations in both spoken and written contexts.

By using these dictionaries, IEHPs can overcome miscommunication and misunderstanding that can arise due to a lack of fluency in English. They will be able to effectively communicate with their colleagues, patients, and supervisors, leading to improved patient outcomes and job opportunities.

(A sampler is available on Amazon as an E-book, which is free with Kindle Unlimited and some Amazon Prime accounts.)

The dictionaries will be available internationally, making it easy for IEHPs to access the information they need, no matter where they are located.

I believe that with this dictionary series, IEHPs can unlock their full potential and make a positive impact in the medical field.

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Based on a question and reply on GoodReads.

Due to recent changes to the licensure process for Internationally Educated Nurses in Canada, I’m shifting my focus from preparing for the CELBAN to career development through the English Language Mastery for Health Professionals program. I’m excited to answer your questions about how ELM can help you achieve your career goals as an IEHP. While I won’t be answering questions specifically about the CELBAN, I’m here to help you explore options, discover resources, conquer challenges, and master the language as a healer. Ask me anything about English Language Mastery and career development in healthcare!

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